TARAMAR’s guiding principles of purity, quality, and efficacy began with the founder Dr. Gudrun Marteinsdottir. Struggling with skin issues, which were only made worse by the chemically loaded skincare options on the market, her mission since 2005 has been to develop skincare that is truly and completely safe for your skin and your body.

As a Professor at the University of Iceland, Dr. Marteinsdottir worked extensively with the biology of marine organisms and became inspired by the hidden healing potential of seaweed and other marine sources. In 2012, she took her research to the next level, teaming up with her husband, Dr. Kristberg Kristbergsson, a Professor of Food Processing and Technology at the University of Iceland to study the amazingly powerful compounds found in Icelandic nature and their numerous benefits for your skin.

What the Marteinsdottirs created is an entirely new type of skincare – one that is more similar to food than those traditional options packed with chemicals. In fact, the resulting TARAMAR line truly is food for your skin, nourishing it from its deepest cells and changing skincare forever.

In TARAMAR, the only thing that touches your skin is pure potent ingredients with proven bioactivity. For each product, Icelandic seaweed and organically grown medicinal herbs are harvested, to create safe, effective skincare that works with nature and communicates with your skin at a deep cellular level, leaving it healthy, resilient, and radiant.


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