First of all, I want to personally welcome you all to follow the journey of Nordic Natural Beauty Award!

My name is Satu Mäkinen. I’m the founder of Nordic Natural Beauty Awards and will be writing most of the short and long articles on this blog. With this welcome, I would like to share a little bit about the background of the awards, about the facts that led me to pursue this project.

I grew up in central Finland, surrounded by countless lakes and wild forests. Travelling around the world, I often found myself missing one essential part of the north – the calming and empowering nature.

The Nordic and Arctic nature is known to be full of powerful remedies due to the extreme weather year-round. For long, these ingredients have been the secret of the natural beauties of the north, but as the natural beauty trend is rising worldwide, I wanted to find a way to introduce the best Nordic products made and bring them finally to everyone’s reach.

The idea for Nordic Natural Beauty Awards grew strong during the summer of 2019. A combination of three main thoughts built the foundation for the awards –  frustration towards the ongoing toxic cosmetics market, the massive growth of natural beauty brands in the north, and the need world is expressing for magical, yet natural beauty products.

Nordic Natural Beauty Awards 2020 is the first edition of the awards, and I am so excited to see the impact we are making to the Nordic beauty producers’ businesses and in the world at large.

I believe that natural beauty is the ultimate beauty – and the ULTIMATE LUXURY – that the world is looking for in this very special year of 2020.


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