The world is breathing. Perhaps breathing through a face mask at times but we are all forced, in one way or another, to stop, think, and breathe.

In many corners of the world, it has been necessary to stay inside the past weeks and months. This has obviously built an urge to do the exact opposite – go out. How the tables have turned! The worshipping of digital life has turned into an ever-growing appreciation towards fresh air and awakening spring nature.

As any crisis, also Covid-19 makes you go back to basics. I am sure you are wondering the same question over and over again, what do I actually need in life?

What comes to looks, many of us have gone pretty natural these days – focusing on nurturing the skin instead of damaging it under a pile of chemicals. Been avoiding a virus, extra chemicals is the last thing you want to put on your body.

Will natural then trend post-COVID-19?

The people are craving for change. For a change that could save our Earth. For a change so that we can be sure our products are safe and good for us. And for a change of values that will finally appreciate every being. This said, natural beauty is definitely aligned with what people are craving for.

Perhaps this very special year of 2020 is giving us exactly what we have been waiting for – the most incredible base the natural industries could have ever asked for!

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