BEHIND THE SCENES with Wild Pharmacy

As we are all back to school and back to work these autumn days, let’s remember to support each other on our journeys! Touching the topic, here is a BEHIND THE SCENES with Wild Pharmacy and the brand’s founder Anu Ruohosto:

“I was bullied at school when I was a child and after hearing so many stories, I know I am not the only one. As a result of many life experiences, bad self-confidence and self-belittling are common traits in many of us, in both young people and adults.

The thought for my latest creation – an empowering cosmetics series for young people – was born in 2014. After been making plant-based care oils and herbs for years and developing a series of cosmetics with clean ingredients, I knew I wanted to create something unique that had also a powerful message. I wanted to do my part in improving the wellbeing of young people of today. For me personally, developing the series worked also as a journey to better self-confidence and self-esteem.

Every product in the Wild Pharmacy series has a theme and each theme a deeper meaning – a meaning to do good. We developed the series together with young people between 11 and 25 years of age, to give them a voice to tell their real, honest, and direct stories through the series. Feedback and comments were really important so that the series became just right.

Wild Pharmacy is not only for young people though – we have had great results also on adult skin. Wild Pharmacy skincare products are made of high-quality wild plants and organic ingredients. All products are suitable for all skin types and they bring the best of wild nature’s healing elements to your daily care.

Welcome to Wild Pharmacy!

With love,

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