The awards’ official partner Nordic Style Magazine took a little closer look at a few nominees. The article goes deeper into ingredients and the brands’ values with Loelle Organic Beauty from Sweden, Lykke by Julie from Norway, Taramar from Iceland, and Luonkos from Finland. You can read the whole ARTICLE AT NORDIC STYLE MAGAZINE’S WEBSITE.

Above left: Loelle Organic Beauty works directly with women’s cooperatives in Morocco as well as around the world, providing better welfare for the local women.

Above right: As Lykke by Julie’s KYSS lip balm is water-free, it’ll be suitable for keeping lips nourished throughout the colder months as well. 

Below left: Embracing the Icelandic nature’s powerful compounds, The Serum is infused with Icelandic seaweed extract.

Below right: Embracing the concept of genuine green beauty, Luonkos’ products come with as low a carbon and water footprint as it gets.

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