BEHIND THE SCENES with Käsämä Cosmetics

The brand’s story began in 2016 when the founder Pauli Wigelius was hiking in the Käsämä region and noticed an interesting clay deposit on his way. He wondered if it could be used in facials. The clay was examined and laboratory tests showed that the clay could in fact be used for skincare products. These findings sparkled product development – through trial and error: “There was a lot of learning to be done in the refining process, especially in terms of clay cleaning and drying.

Cranberries and sea buckthorn from Juuka, near Käsämä, bursting with antioxidants and vitamins were added to the products. So were born these 100% Finnish beauty products.

Since the beginning, the goal of Wigelius was to create a high-quality, clean, and natural alternative to cleansing the skin without any unnecessary chemicals. The combination of ingredients is designed so that the ingredients enhance each other’s effects.

Käsämä extracts the clay without harming nature and in small quantities. After extracting, the clay is cleaned with lake water. Finally the dry, sterilized and sifted clay is mixed with the rest of the ingredients: berry extract and sea mays starch. The result is a clay mask powder to which the users add the water. Waterlessness makes the product last long, it allows light packaging that is easy to send, and this way, no preservatives are required – and the customer only pays for the real ingredients and not for water!

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