BEHIND THE SCENES with Four Reasons

“The story of Four Reasons started back in the 1970s when a young boy set up his own shampoo shop in his father’s garage, much to the amusement of the ladies in the neighborhood. About 20 years later, the boy, now an adult, decided to take a chance and invest his savings in fruit-scented hair products.

Four Reasons was launched in 1997. It took us a couple of decades to become the most successful company in the Finnish hair care industry. In our journey, we have swum against the stream, boldly done things our way, and embraced our uniqueness.

Today, our Four Reasons family consists of 48 passionate beauty industry rebels. We produce high-quality, sustainable hair products for professional hairstylists and your very own home hair salon. Sold in 15 countries, our products have introduced us to thousands of friends all over the world. We walk the front line, defending everyone’s right to feel beautiful. We are noisy, composed, vivacious, funny, creative, sometimes a little odd. We’re all different. You’ll fit in well.”


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