BEHIND THE SCENES with Soap & Balsam

Soap & Balsam’s story started in one bathroom in Helsinki, Finland. Bath moments in an old-fashioned bath sparked interest – first in the world of bath products and through it in the manufacturing of cosmetics. Interest in the field grew and information was mapped in every possible way, through own experiments and with the help of experts.

In 2012, the engineer Kirsi Enberg took a huge risk to make her dream come true, resigned from her previous job as a fashion designer, and put all her hopes and dreams into her new company, which was named Soap & Balsam SB. Since then, Kirsi Enberg has worked hard to achieve her dream, so that you can use natural, ethically handmade hygiene and cosmetics products.

For Soap & Balsam SB, it has been important from the beginning to make high-quality products as well as to avoid certain strong chemicals and preservatives. The products are made, as they would be made for oneself. To take ecology into account in packaging, soaps and shampoos are sold in paper bags and wrappers.

Soaps, shampoos, lip balms, ointments, and many other wonderful products are made in small batches. It is an honor for the team to sell the products as fresh as possible. SB ensures this by striving to anticipate sales as accurately as possible and to prepare quantities accordingly. When it comes to preservative-free fresh products, the range also varies in terms of sales and sensible sourcing of raw materials. This ensures the ability to operate and also the quality of the products.

“As a small company, we want the products to speak for themselves and we hope that we can give people joyful experiences as well as concrete help for skin problems and alternatives for those with cosmetic hypersensitivity.” -SB


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