BEHIND THE SCENES with Grevinnans Rum

The founder of Grevinnans Rum Gränna AB, Karin Egertz, told us about how it all got started:

“After been working with skincare all of my professional life and with a degree in marketing economy in my back pocket, I decided to open my own shop in the wonderful county of Gränna, in Sweden. The idea was to fill up the shop with wonderful organic skincare which I could not find while working for others.

But soon enough I realized that the products I was looking for did not actually exist. As I had always been making my own skincare in small batches for myself, I decided to make the products for the shop as well. These products were simply organic and luxurious, vegan, and handmade in our very own factory. It was a success!

With help from my husband and sons, we expanded the production to meet the demands. Everything was handmade by us from the finest organic raw materials. The demand was so great that we decided to close the shop and only focus on production.

Since then we have continued to expand our range of products due to the popular demand of our customers always wanting more and more products. Our whole family loves creating wonderful skincare that fits all skin types, including the most sensitive! Our motto became to be: “ONLY THE BEST IS ENOUGH!”

TIP: Our products are best used with a silver spoon (even though a finger might work in an emergency 😉)




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