BEHIND THE SCENES with Naturlig Deo

The founder of Naturlig Deo, Sara Lindahl, told us about her background and how it all got started:

“My name is Sara Lindahl, I am 35 years old, and come from the community of Norsjö in northern Sweden. As a child, I used to spend hours and hours in the woods and in nature with my grandparents. It is probably their pride and gratitude that inspired me to protect our nature from the beginning. As a result, I am also afraid of the effects that different chemicals have on our environment, our animals, us humans, and our future.

I started developing Natural Deodorant after discovering how difficult it was to find a working natural and organic deodorant without aluminum. The long ingredient lists that I also found on the deodorants with eco-certifications, made me take matters into my own hands. I started developing Natural Deo only with ingredients that I felt safe with.

It is important for me to show that there are alternative deodorants that can work at least as well as the commercial ones, and that do not have as negative impacts on our environment. It is also important for me to show that it is possible to follow one’s dream, which for me was all about offering the market an effective deodorant with decent content.”

Presentation of Naturlig Deo (in Swedish)


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