BEHIND THE SCENES with Anumati Skincare

The founder of Anumati Skincare, Anu Ruohosto, told us how it all came together:

“My interest in natural products started already as a young girl. I had the opportunity to spend my childhood with a traditional Karelian lifestyle where nutrition and spring water formed the foundation of life in the middle of nature. Stories and tales from generations ago about how health problems used to be treated and how natural powers were respected. The mysteriousness and the diversity of nature together with its moon cycles. My roots reached deep into Finnish nature and folklore.

My product development started with the familiar plants and flowers that surrounded me as a child. Later, my studies in chemistry and herbal medicine carried over to a more professional approach. I was a cosmetologist, and this felt like a natural way of combining all the professions and gaining a strong view and the skills for genuine natural cosmetics

Each product is developed in synergy, and they include active ingredients (all the plant extracts are 100% natural) which pay attention to skin balance and well-being. Even in our everyday lives, we know that a balanced and diverse diet is better for our health. We believe that diversity offers solutions for creating functional products, which are inspired by nature, and eliminate the need for several products to gain the best result.

Our philosophy concerning skincare can be summarised by transparency and getting the best for less! We wish to offer customers the opportunity to make well-informed choices – true freedom of choice can only be achieved with comprehensive knowledge.”

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