GUEST HOUR: Koti Lifestyle – Introducing Nordic Skincare to the UK and Europe

What Is Koti Lifestyle?

The story of Koti Lifestyle began a couple of years back when we, Jenny and Tarleena, two Finns living in the UK, realized how invisible Nordic beauty and skincare was in the UK market. Yet it was blooming in our native country. Nordic design and ‘hygge‘ were trending, but the amazing skincare brands from the Nordics were yet to be found.


We decided to take the initiative and contacted selected brands, and that’s how our web-store focusing on Nordic organic skincare was born. Not only do we want to promote the brands and products but also Nordic beauty, simple and effective skincare routine, and the unique ingredients found in Northern nature.

We love the idea and ethos behind Nordic Natural Beauty Awards and are very proud to stock some of the nominees this year; Frantsila’s Anti-pollution serum is up for the best serum and Frantsila’s Natural Deo Roll-on up for the best deodorant.

What can Nordics bring to your skincare routine?

As Koti Lifestyle is based in the UK, we get to see the local natural skincare market closely. This year 2020, we’ve witnessed Nordic beauty to start trending even more alongside the organic cosmetics trend. Some big high street brands have been launching their own Nordic-inspired skincare lines. And that’s not a surprise. There is definitely a lot that Nordic skincare brands can bring to the world. 

What we want to bring to the UK and European skincare markets is a wider knowledge of the fabulous brands and products made in the north. People are getting more aware of the ingredients in their cosmetics and want to apply only the best quality on their skin – which Nordics definitely have to offer. Not to mention the beautiful Nordic design of the bottles and jars – they will brighten up everyone’s bathroom. 

The pure nature and wild ingredients

Let’s look at the ingredients then! The organic certification process for skincare products is quite straight forward. A certain amount of ingredients must have been grown and harvested from organic farming. What Nordic skincare brands are bringing to the mix are the wild-grown ingredients. 

Nature in Nordic countries is one of the purest in the world, the quality of the ingredients picked from nature equals organic, and more. Thanks to the geographical location, the summers are short but sweet. This means there is a lot of sunshine, and the norther you go, the longer the days get. This is why the plants work really hard during the short summer doing biosynthesis. As a result, the vegetation and berries contain more vitamins and antioxidants than their counterparts grown on southern latitudes. Nordic skincare products can contain ingredients such as lingonberry seed oil, bilberry extract, and nettle. 

We all want the best for ourselves and for our loved ones. That’s why we at Koti wish to bring the Nordic skincare goodies available to a wider audience. The previously mentioned points are exactly why everyone should include some Nordic beauty into their skincare routine.


Endless selection of brands

The Nordic countries have a vast selection of organic and natural skincare brands which are all sourcing their ingredients and inspiration from the Nordic nature as well as from the history of using natural remedies for healing. We as a business are constantly looking to expand and introduce more Nordic brands to our customers. Many brands have been sold only in the local markets for a long time, but we feel they earn international recognition as well. There literally is something for everyone.

Jenny & Tarleena

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