4 Reasons Why Natural Beauty Is Tomorrow’s Luxury

The first-ever Nordic Natural Beauty Awards were celebrated last week. To demonstrate the luxury that Nordic natural beauty specifically is, the jury of the awards was formed of 50 Nordic, internationally renowned stars, showing the way to the future of beauty. We can see a few trending topics among the stars when it comes to their thoughts on natural beauty, and here is a brief list of them.


Every single one of us wants to feel beautiful. As natural products give you back a part of your being, a part of nature, they make you feel at home with yourself. We dare to say that there is nothing that could make you feel more beautiful than that. A few jury members had a similar take on the subject:


“I like to feel beautiful. Not only on the outside but on the inside too. By this, I mean that it is important to me that I can feel good about what products I use. I want to understand what impact they have on my body and on the Earth. Healthy hair and skin are the most important things to make me feel good about myself. To know that the product I use is 100% natural is an obvious choice for me.“

Clara Mae, Swedish singer-songwriter


“I love the way natural beauty products make me feel. It’s the perfect combination of getting to pamper your face or body while knowing that the ingredients won’t do harm to the world around you. It makes self-care feel just a little bit better.”

Anya, Danish singer


Unnecessary toxins in cosmetics have received worldwide worry in recent years. Despite the slow research of natural and pure ingredients’ safe use in cosmetics, the wave of moving towards cleaner, more natural, and organic beauty is being appreciated and considered a positive change within the Nordics and in the star jury as well. The power of natural beauty has been recognized!


”Before trying out these awards’ brands people warned me about 100% natural products, especially for me who has sensitive skin, since some of them can be very strong. But I have found some truly wonderful brands adapted for the cold, harsh Nordic weather that do wonders for my dry, atopic skin. There are LOADS of keepers among the nominees!”

Josefin Asplund, Swedish actress


“I have noticed a significant difference in my skin after using the lovely products in Nordic Natural Beauty Awards. My skin feels so fresh and clean, and I don’t suffer from acne at the moment, which I did a few months ago before this project. I haven’t had any rashes on my face or sensitivity around my eyes. This sometimes happened to me when using just regular products from a drugstore. I knew I should have avoided some of those products that I’ve used in the past, but continued out of habit. I think this project has truly made me realize how important it is to find some really good products for your face and body. When you think about how everything gets absorbed into your bloodstream so quickly, it just feels really nice to know that the products you’re using are 100% clean. When an option like this is possible, to do something good for yourself, I can’t see myself going back to “the old me”. So thank you for changing my habits for the better and making me aware. Better late than never.”

Emmelie de Forest, Danish singer


The benefits of all-natural and organic cosmetics have been noticed worldwide and lately, also the power of Nordic ingredients. Due to the short Nordic summers, the wild plants and herbs must absorb vast amounts of energy and nutrients in a short period of time so they can survive the harsh, dark winter. That’s why these powerful ingredients, found in the northernmost areas, are renowned for being strong and effective – hence to give you the perfect glow.


“As an actress, I typically wear layers of makeup on a daily basis, and maintaining a good skincare routine matters a lot. Getting to know a range of exceptional Nordic skincare brands as a jury member of the Nordic Natural Beauty Awards, I’ve discovered some wonderful new favorites and definitely recognize the important benefits of selecting all-natural beauty products.”

Liv Hansen, Danish actress

Apart from already widely known Nordic ingredients, such as wild berries, there are many strong newcomers also within the awards’ winners. For instance, spruce resin, a sticky liquid collected from the Nordic spruce trees, is one of nature’s little gems that has antimicrobial, wound healing, and skin regeneration enhancing effects. Icelandic seaweed is a pure and underutilized marine source containing diverse compounds that benefit our skin and inner wellness, promoting anti-inflammation and anti-oxidation responses at intracellular levels.

Photo by Laura Loukola


Nordic Natural Beauty Awards have been praised for being the perfect platform to showcase innovative, Nordic natural cosmetics, and how the near future of natural beauty will look like overall. What we as awards feel, is that supporting these better alternatives gives us the ultimate power to revolutionize the industry.


“As a skincare and makeup lover, I jumped up and down with excitement when I was asked to be a member of the jury for the Nordic Natural Beauty Awards. I believe that celebrating natural and organic beauty inventions made by Nordic brands is such a great idea. It helps us to support the brands around us which are genuinely devoted to the process and result of their products!”

Alice Herbst, Swedish artist


“I’m very happy to be a part of this lovely event which promotes and highlights the great work and innovation in natural skincare in the Scandinavian countries. I celebrate these individuals and small companies that are bringing the best of the elements in their surroundings to us in an environmentally conscious and toxin-free way. Keep up the good work everyone!”

Aníta Briem, Icelandic actress

As it shows, natural beauty is definitely tomorrow’s, and already today’s, luxury. To start your journey in the natural beauty world, check all the incredible Nordic producers HERE >

Nordic Natural Beauty Awards 2020 winners were announced in the awards’ Instagram Live on Tuesday, October 27th, 2020. The prizes were presented by the jury members Swedish singer-songwriter Clara Mae, Icelandic actress Aníta Briem, Finnish Dj/ actress Petra Silander, and Danish actress/ artist Sisse Marie. If you missed the live show, you can still catch the recording of the awards ceremony on the AWARDS IGTV >


The winners of the awards, aka. the Best Nordic Natural Cosmetics in 2020 can be found LISTED HERE >

Featured image photo credit: Päivi Pekkala

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