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Nordic Natural Beauty Awards 2020 winners were announced in the awards’ Instagram Live show on Tuesday, October 27th, 2020. The competition was tight in all of the categories, proving that all the nominees are just incredible.

We wanted to take a deeper look at the winners and why they specifically make a great addition to anyone’s beauty routine. To avoid the list of the winners become one heavy manual (even though we know it would be a good one!), we divided the winners into four parts. This post is all about BODY CARE.


Let’s start with cleaning the body, hands included. We could daringly assume that every single one of us has used soap this special year, 2020. What would be a better soap to take into a test than Grevinnans Rum’s Saltvattentvålen No:1 (saltwater soap), titled the Best Nordic Natural Soap in 2020.

“The scent of this soap is divine! It is seriously one of the best scents I’ve ever experienced. Amazing! And the soap has a very nice, luxurious look to it (loved the rope touch).”

“A living dream!”

– Awards Jury

This soap is something out of the ordinary – a solid piece of almost a quarter of a kilo, with a real timber rope to ease the use of it. You can even take the soap for a swim with you without it becoming impossibly slippery. Just take the string around your wrist and go!

This soap works great in all types of waters; salty seas, sweet lakes, rain, baths, and showers. Only cold-pressed organic essential oils are used in the product, such as coconut oil.


Naturlig Deo’s fully natural deodorant, Deodorant Cream, received the title of Best Nordic Natural Deodorant in 2020. The fresh scent of lavender keeps you fresh throughout the day, as it was also noticed within the star jury:

“As far as non-aluminum deodorants go, this is one of the best ones I’ve had!”

“Fantastic product with a cool package! Loved it!”

“This deodorant was surprisingly good, it has a lovely scent to it, and it kept me fresh all day.

– Awards Jury


PS. If you are new to natural deodorants, the following tip might come in handy; some feel that whilst in the transition to an aluminum-free deodorant, they sweat or smell more. If this sounds familiar to you, then apply the deodorant more often as necessary.


Grevinnans Rum received another prize as well, the Best Nordic Natural Body Treatment with its’ praised Firming Body Oil.

“This oil is one of my absolute favorites! I can feel it firming my skin.”

“This is a 5/5 product. Love the scent, the feel, everything. New favorite body oil for sure!”

– Awards Jury

Grevinnans Rum’s Firming body oil is packed with the most luxurious oils – sea buckthorn oil, rosehip seed oil, carrot oil, marigold, avocado oil, thistle oil, and sunflower oil. These firming oils have been blended carefully with firming peppermint and energizing awakening Lemon Verbena.

Any skin becomes soothing and gets an exquisite glow after use. The oil is suitable for rosacea skin, psoriasis, eczema, and stressed skin, as well as for normal skin. This oil is definite gold in a bottle that you can enjoy around the clock. A few drops in hair will also give you great results up there.


HAVUKA’s Kuusenpihkavoide 30% (spruce resin cream) follows a generations-old recipe and is a traditional regenerating, repairing, fully natural, and highly antiseptic balm.

“This product is so healing and gives a lot of moisture. I used it on some peeling skin and it was healed after using this product twice. It feels safe and good to put on irritated skin.”

“This product worked very well to treat any dry spots on my skin!”

“I have been applying this to slightly sunburnt areas and it provided a soothing feel as well as healing benefits to the skin. Great product to have ready to go after a day in the sun.”

– Awards Jury


The product won the Best Summer Body Treatment -prize in the awards for its’ after sun effects, though as seen also in the jury comments it is a perfect healing method for many concerns. The balm can be used for dry skin areas (including cuticles and cracked heels), skin induration, skin abrasions, scratches, insect bites and stings, burns (including sunburn), for the aftercare of tattoos, and nails warts.

Overall, we can summarize that Nordic nature will get your body well cleaned, refreshed, moisturized, and healed. To dig even deeper, see all this year’s NOMINEES HERE >

Details of the products are written as the brands present them.

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