Meet Andrea Endres – the woman behind the awards’ international partner events

“It is always magical to me how you get what you give. I met Satu Mäkinen and her amazing project Nordic Natural Beauty Awards through talking about what is close to my heart and whoops, someone connected us, and here we are, spreading the word on natural beauty touching lives and empowering people! I absolutely believe in the collective power of change through collaboration, starting with the individual’s conscious choice that matters greatly for the bigger whole and affects all of us.

My name is Andrea Endres and I am the founder of the Skin Body Spirit Summit. It is an international virtual, several-day event that brings together world-class experts to share and teach about holistic skincare and wellness so all us women who feel frustrated about our skin can finally learn how to really take care of it from a place of love, knowledge, and intuition.”


“Over and over I was asked the same questions from clients, friends and people I met during my travels: “How do I take care of my skin? What should I use? I have X problem with my skin, what can I do about it? What are the best products to use? There are so many choices I feel overwhelmed, helpless and frustrated!”

Let me tell you this; there is no one answer that fits everyone. Guess why? Because we are all unique. No one is like the other and no two people have lived the same life so there is no one magical product out there that fits everyone.

It is never about finding the right product; it is about understanding your skin. A product is nothing if you don’t know what your skin needs. Once we have learned how our body and skin work, we can start working alongside and that’s when natural skincare products come in and support our complex ever changing, living, breathing organ called skin. 

Why natural skincare you might ask? Because what we use on our body’s biggest organ and wash down the drain is affecting the environment we live in. Natural products are not just made from renewable resources and are biodegradable but the ecosystem called our body understands them and can truly metabolize and utilize its individual constituents providing you  healthy, glowing skin.”

“Our personal health is directly connected to the health of our environment and society and vice versa.”

Andrea Endres


“Seventeen years ago I attended one lecture that changed my life and made me see that I am responsible for my choices and that my choices affect us all. My soul has been touched by some amazing people who influenced my life which rippled off affecting the people around me too; my family, friends, clients. So if this one single lecture all these years ago had the power to change my entire life, I thought, let’s multiply that and pay it forward. That is why twice every year I am launching the Skin Body Spirit Summit with 25+ holistic skincare and wellness experts sharing their knowledge and helping us achieve true body and skin wisdom. The event will always be accessible for everyone who finally wants to feel in charge of their choices and their bodies. When I talk about holistic, I mean to include all aspects from personal health to global impact.”



“Skincare is about more than vanity; it’s the start of an empowering journey to self-love and holistic wellbeing.”

Andrea Endres


  1. SKIN

    Topical skincare products that support the skin’s own natural functions instead of disrupting and replacing them. Natural products are incredibly supporting and filled to the brim with skin-loving ingredients and substances and are kind to our planet as well.

  2. BODY

    Lifestyle choices reaching from the food we eat, the rest we get, the relationships we maintain, and the environment we live into stressors we create or are exposed to. Everything that is affecting our body is affecting our skin and the other way around.


    Our mindset and how we view ourselves and the world around us including how we nurture our spirit and soul. To achieve balanced skin we also need to live a life aligned with our true inner core values as our feelings and emotions affect the rest of our body and skin.


“The North is a place of home and groundedness and something the rest of the world has always been fascinated by. My family was touched by it so deeply that they decided to leave their home country Germany and move to Sweden. They still travel a lot within the country, insatiable for its wild beauty.

Sweden is so close to my heart and as I want to share my passion with my home, I will launch my first Swedish summit this November Sveriges Holistiska Hudvårdsvecka featuring the best holistic skincare experts in the country and presenting nothing else than 100% natural nordic skincare products. The summit will be fully online, and consist of 20+ masterclasses teaching us how to take care of our skin naturally and holistically so that we can truly feel confident in the skin we are in.

During the years, working with people and their skin, traveling and discovering how natural ingredients are crafted, becoming a holistic skincare therapist and nutritionist under Lena Losciale, Sweden’s pioneering botanical skincare expert, I have discovered that the more I listen, hear and understand my body the more confident I feel in what it needs and by being open and learning, I gained an incredible feeling of self-competence. And the thing that has been most amazing to me is that the more high-quality natural products I used, the less I needed because my skin just became healthy and well-balanced – what a double win!”



“Have you ever felt tempted to buy the next product because the advertisements just sound too good to be true? You end up buying yet another product ending up sitting on your shelf half empty and your skin still feels like an uncontrollable mess that just seems impossible to understand? Now, can you imagine how freeing it feels to become resilient to marketing promises because you just finally understand your skin and know what to look for in a product and why? No one else knows you better than you know yourself. This empowering competence puts you in charge of your choices and puts your wellness in your hands.

My mission is to help women to become confident in their skin, really owning their choices, their bodies, their worth! Natural and holistic skincare and nutrition were my doorsteps to a journey of true empowerment and it’s time to pay it forward. I’m incredibly grateful to have met Satu on my journey and having our events support each other. Our personal choices have an incredible global impact and the power is in your hands.

Reach out to me anytime with any questions about skin or maybe you want to recommend an expert you want me to bring on boards? Shoot me a DM on Instagram and let’s connect!”

Sending Love & Light
Andrea Endres

Host, Skin Body Spirit Summit
Holistic Skin Care Therapist & Nutritionist
Founder of Holistic Skin Journey Monthly Membership


Explore also Andrea’s Holistic Skin Journey MONTHLY MEMBERSHIP where she covers natural skincare, detox, and nutrition, life coaching plus much more (in English).

Remember to follow the events also on Instagram; @skin_body_spirit_summit and @holistisk_hudvard.

Andrea visited also our Nordic Natural Beauty Podcast. You can listen to our chat and so the latest episode of the podcast on Spotify, among others.


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