Learn To Make Your Own Cosmetics

With the rise of skinimalism and simpler, natural cosmetics, social media has gotten filled with DIY cosmetics and all kinds of tutorials about formulating. Perhaps the thought of learning to make your own beauty products has crossed your mind as well? Or perhaps you want to understand more about the cosmetics formulas so that you can be more confident in choosing the products you are buying?

We, behind the awards, are big advocates of education when it comes to cosmetics. The more you know, the better you can take care of yourself and choose the best products for you. We want to encourage you to learn especially about ingredients and formulations. Anyone can learn to read the labels and understand the basics about formulations – you don’t have to be a chemist for that.


Knowledge is power, and when you understand how the formulations work, no marketing can convince you otherwise. You will feel empowered to choose your cosmetics from the jungle of shelves as well as make your own cosmetics safely.

Whether you want to understand more about the products you are buying, want to start making your own cosmetics at home, or are planning to launch your own beauty brand, we have exciting news for you;

Formula Botanica, the leading online teaching institution for organic formulation and indie beauty entrepreneurship, is organizing a FREE MASTERCLASS – all about formulating. You can learn the basics, get knowledgeable, start making your own DIY skincare products, or even – start building your own brand!


The registration for Formula Botanica’s Masterclass is now open. It is going to be one amazing crash course on the topic of formulating, so make sure you reserve your spot and REGISTER FOR THE MASTERCLASS FOR FREE >

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