In the awards autumn series of blog posts, we get to know the brands behind the nominee products of the Nordic Natural Beauty Awards 2021. In this post, we are proud to share more about the Finnish brand Taika that brings natural cosmetics to everyone’s reach.


Taika is honest, Finnish natural cosmetics. Certified natural cosmetics is no longer just the choice of a small group of consumers, but a new standard for sustainable development – and then it must also be available to everyone, including the average consumer. The story of Taika stems from the need: when Taika’s development started, grocery stores in Finland lacked affordable domestic natural cosmetics. The Finnish family company behind the brand Taika, Oy Transmeri Ab, wanted to fill this gap and make a domestic, genuine natural cosmetics alternative available to everyone.

Taika is created to make everyday life easier for the consumer. Consumers want to make more and more responsible choices, but in the midst of a huge supply, it is not always easy. In addition to ecology, local production and veganism are also important values for many. Taika fits to all of these requirements. Clearly distinctive and uncomplicatedly communicative Taika products speak the language of the average person and make responsible consumption easy. Taika’s products are Cosmos Natural certified by Ecocert and all products are vegan and carbon neutral. The packaging is made of recycled plastic or plant-based plastic and all packaging is recyclable.


The Taika product line includes ten products for the skincare needs of the whole family: five for the face and five for the body. The facial line has day and night cream, eye cream, cleansing gel, and micellar water. The body care line includes shower gel, hand soap, body lotion, hand cream, and foot cream. OUT NOW: Taika product line has just expanded to include hair care products as well.

Birch sap, xylitol, shea butter, and flaxseed oil, among others, are being used in the moisturizing and caring compositions of the Taika products. The products have pleasant, easily absorbed compositions and mild, fresh scents (excluding fragrance-free eye cream).

Taika is also a proud producer of carbon-neutral cosmetics. Taika’s manufacturer, the Finnish Oy Transmeri Ab, is committed to producing Taika products with the lowest possible emissions, and the carbon footprint is already minimized in production. Taika products are made from natural raw materials – locally, in the brand’s own factory in Vantaa, Finland. The factory uses 100% green electricity and renewable heat, which does not emit carbon dioxide. The packaging has also been designed to be as ecological as possible. The other key emissions of Taika production are being credited twice.


Nominated in the Nordic Natural Beauty Awards 2021:

Taika Moisturising Gel Cleanser

Suitable for all skin types, the mildly foaming cleansing gel gently cleanses makeup and impurities from the skin without drying the skin. The cleansing gel is also suitable for removing water-soluble eye makeup. The soothing birch sap together with the glycerol and xylitol, which maintain the moisture balance, leaves the skin feeling pleasant after cleansing. The cleansing gel is the most popular product in the Taika product line!


Taika Hand Soap

The hugely popular Taika Hand Soap contains moisturizing glycerol and almond oil. The gentle washing liquid soap has an irresistible, sweet, and fresh scent of red grapefruit. The soft foaming composition does not dry out the skin.


You can get to know Taika’s products even better HERE and follow the brand’s journey on social media, such as on Taika’s Instagram account >

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