Eco By Herbina – Balance Your Natural Beauty

In the awards autumn series of blog posts, we get to know the brands behind the nominee products of the Nordic Natural Beauty Awards 2021. In this post, we are proud to share more about the Finnish beauty and haircare brand Herbina and their Cosmos-certified, vegan, and biodegradable skincare range – Eco by Herbina – inspired by Her, the Mother Nature:


We are inspired by her endless beauty,
her bold colors, her power.

That’s why we protect her.
Herbina – inspired by Her.”


Herbina is a Finnish, 100% vegan beauty care brand that has 40 years of expertise in the industry. Herbina’s products combine natural ingredients and innovative, eco-friendly solutions in different categories.

Eco by Herbina is the brand’s first Cosmos-certified natural cosmetics range and it is created to balance your natural beauty without consuming Mother Nature. The range is inspired by Mother Earth to bring you products that are in sync with nature.

“Inspired by Her is our guideline for creating a modern skin and hair care brand for those who want to harness their natural beauty and protect mother nature. Our range is simple yet luscious and delightful – just like mother nature. We want to honor the ingredients she provides us and treat them as gifts”, describes Herbina’s Brand Manager, Noora Laurinus.

Eco by Herbina skincare line consists of seven products, including the Nordic Natural Beauty Awards 2021 nominated, leading star Brightening Peeling Cream.


You can reveal your natural skin and remove all makeup and impurities with Eco by Herbina’s Cleansing gel, powered by rosehip and raspberry extract wonder. The light flowery scented gel leaves the skin feeling fresh and hydrated. Another great tool for cleansing is the brand’s Cleansing Foam that leaves the skin feeling cleansed, fresh, and hydrated. This rich foam relies on ingredients like rosehip and blueberry extracts. Eco by Herbina’s Micellar Water is an all-in-one wonder water that cleanses, hydrates, and calms the skin. The healthy glow provided by this product is like Mother Nature intended with Her nurturing marigold and raspberry extracts.

Moisture Boost Facial Serum, powered by cranberry and raspberry extract, hydrates deeply and improves the skin’s moisture balance, leaving it healthy and radiant. Eco by Herbina is expanding also to hair care in 2021.

The Moisturizing and Refreshing Day Cream of the range hydrates, refreshes, and activates your skin with apples and strawberries, while the sunflower seed oil in the cream nourishes your skin from deep within. At nighttime, let your skin rest and revitalize with Eco by Herbina’s Nourishing And Calming Night Cream. This rich formulation is a soothing and strengthening cream that contains ingredients like sea-buckthorn oil and raspberry extract.

Nominated in the Nordic Natural Beauty Awards 2021:

Eco by Herbina – Brightening Peeling cream – let your skin glow like the sun

Natural rice grains and pumice stone are Her secrets to peeling off layers of dead cells that dim our true colours. Eco by Herbina’s new gem in the range of eco-certified skincare products uses powerful ingredients to make skin brighter, smoother, and softer. The rich cream contains calming blueberry extract, nurturing rosehip extract, and protecting E-vitamin. The light flowery scent reminds us of Her every time used. We protect her by using ingredients that are 99 % natural and 25 % organic.


“Inspired by her overwhelming diversity,
her generousness, her gifts.

Inspired by her enchanting scents,
her incredible intensity, her genius.

That’s why we protect Her.”

You can get to know Eco by Herbina’s products even better at and follow the brand’s journey on social media, on Herbina’s Instagram Account >

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