Râr Natur – Nutritious Skincare From Denmark

In the awards autumn series of blog posts, we get to know the brands and people behind the nominee products of the Nordic Natural Beauty Awards 2021. In this post, we are proud to share more about the Danish brand RÂR Natur, as told by the founder of the brand, Anita Wøldike:

“My journey in the skincare industry started 30 years ago when my first daughter was born with very sensitive skin. At that time, I couldn’t find any products that would help heal her skin, so I started making my own products. Ever since then, skincare has been my passion and I have gathered a lot of knowledge about it as well as all of the various combinations on how to make the perfect formulation.

Anita Wøldike

My dream was always to produce my own skincare brand, which only contained pure, organic, and biodynamic ingredients, and then to make it accessible for everybody. Three years ago, I decided to fully follow that dream. A lot has happened since then – RÂR Natur is now our family business and the skincare series consists of 10 products that are being sold in both Denmark and Sweden.

The production of RÂR Natur is based at the heart of Copenhagen, in Østerbro. One of our true passions is producing the skincare series by hand. We love experimenting with new formulations and we are always on the lookout for new and exciting knowledge to make our products even better. As an example, we decided to change the formulation of our facial cream recently since we found an organic rose hydrolat of extremely high quality. Therefore, our facial cream no longer contains water – but rose hydrolat. Examples like this show how we, at all times, are looking to improve our work and to make our skincare series the best possible. At the moment we are developing a shampoo and a facial mask, brand new adds to our growing series.


The product up for nomination in the Nordic Natural Beauty Awards 2021 is our Mist. For this product, we began experimenting with different formulations back in December 2020. From the start, we agreed to make sure the mist contained postbiotics because of the positive effects postbiotics are known to have on our skin. A lot of work went into perfecting the product, but we are very happy with the result. We, for one, have become highly addicted to it and believe that it belongs in everyone’s skincare routine.

The mist is based on 100% organic rose hydrolat, organic aloe vera, vegan postbiotics, and vitamin C;

Rose hydrolat has many wonderful benefits. It adds nutrition to the skin in the form of vitamins A, B3, C, D, and E. It also improves the cells and regenerates the skin tissue with antioxidants. Rose hydrolat has an anti-inflammatory and moisturizing effect on the skin and it helps keep the skin in balance when it comes to the skin’s natural ph-balance. It regulates the production of sebum as well.

Aloe vera softens, soothes, and helps rebuild the skin. It is also known to support the skin’s healing process, for example after a sunburn.

Biotics are the newest types of active ingredients, that have shown really good results in important aspects of the skin’s aging process. Our biotic raw material is postbiotic which increases both velocity and the quality of the skin cell growth. This results in a better barrier function and better skin quality. Postbiotic is also known to be a good choice in skincare if you suffer from eczema and damaged skin as it helps keep a good biotic balance.

Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant that protects the skin against free radicals and it is also known to improve the structure of the skin and making the skin more even.


We have chosen these four ingredients as the main base of the product because of what they each contribute to keeping the skin healthy.

We truly believe that we have reached our goal in making a skincare series, that is not only based on natural ingredients but is made of ingredients that we believe are the best possible. Skincare is nutrition for our cells, and everything we put on our skin is absorbed in our bodies. At least 99% of our ingredients are natural and all our products are organic and biodynamic.

We have also chosen to have a price tag that most people can afford. RÂR Natur will always be an inclusive skincare line for everyone, with the intention to bring natural skincare and knowledge into everyone’s everyday lives. We hope that you will love RÂR Natur as much as we do and that you will keep following our journey in the making of the best skincare products.”

Nominated in the Nordic Natural Beauty Awards 2021:


Get to know RÂR Natur even better on their website at rarnatur.dk and follow the brand’s wonderful journey on RÂR Natur’s Instagram account >

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