Taramar – Premium Skincare Handcrafted In Iceland

In the awards autumn series of blog posts, we get to know the brands and people behind the nominee products of the Nordic Natural Beauty Awards 2021. In this post, we are proud to share more about the Icelandic brand Taramar:

TARAMAR is an Icelandic company that has created an award-winning brand of premium handcrafted skincare based on marine compounds isolated from organic seaweed, kelp, wild and organically grown herbs, and vegetables harvested from the pristine nature of Iceland. TARAMAR was founded in 2010 by Professors Gudrun Marteinsdottir (Runa) and Kristberg Kristbergsson aiming at channelling their more than 20 years of scientific expertise in marine and food science into the development of 100% toxin-free, natural and organic skincare products. As both of the founders originate from the Marine and Food Science professional fields, what they made is more similar to food than the mainstream chemically derived skincare.

See short videos about founding Taramar and the benefits of seaweed as told by Runa, the founder of Taramar:

Why the name TARAMAR? The name comes from TARA, the Universal Mother. TARA is a divine being that has appeared in nearly all religions of the world including the Christian religion as Mother Mary and the Buddhism as Tara or the female Bodhisattva. Tara does also have a scientific meaning representing the adjustment of scales to zero before weighting, which can be interpreted as the “New Beginning”. Our logo contains the divine power of three representing circles that endlessly intertwine to create a new and benevolent future.

Taramar has created two brands: TARAMAR BEAUTY and TARAKIDS. Both brands of TARAMAR have received a number of international awards, and Taramar Beauty is proud to be nominated in the Nordic Natural Beauty Awards for the second year-round. You can get to know all the products better in Taramar’s webshop and read through the brand’s flipbooks HERE.

All TARAMAR products are handcrafted to create the finest skincare system from locally available sources, the Icelandic nature, using only the purest ingredients with proven bioactivity. Each product contains powerful extracts from marine algae and organically grown herbs to create luxurious and effective skincare that works with nature and communicates with your skin at the cellular level, leaving it healthy, resilient, and radiant.

Made possible by a new technology NoTox® (patent pending), TARAMAR fills a hole in the market by being one of the first to offer 100% toxin-free skincare solutions that also generate healthier and younger-looking skin with no adverse environmental effect. Indeed, the TARAMAR products are technically edible where synthetic and toxic chemicals have been replaced by organic vegetables, seaweed, and fruits.

The key components, the Icelandic lava filtered water, the volcanic minerals, and the powerful botanically derived anti-oxidants nurtured by pure arctic conditions, make the product line quite extraordinary.

A short video on Taramar’s Icelandic Volcanic garden:

To ensure high quality and luxury outcomes, most of the ingredients used by TARAMAR are organically grown or harvested wild from pristine Icelandic nature;

“Our experience shows that to maintain the high standards that we have set we can only use absolutely fresh and pure ingredients and in the process of extracting the bioactives we use only green technology. Indeed, no toxic or abusive chemicals are allowed in our factory and even sanitation (and near sterilization) is performed by ionic water that is 100% harmless to all living beings. We may be the only cosmetic company that can state that the runoff from our factory can technically be ingested.”
-Runa, the founder

“Through our Pure Skincare Club (currently totalling more than 3000 people), we maintain dynamic and widespread communication with our customers. Indeed, as a response to their needs, we have developed new products that are based solemnly on their requests (f.ex. hydration treatment).”

Nominated in the Nordic Natural Beauty Awards 2021:

Taramar – Night Treatment


Taramar – Eye Treatment


Get to know Taramar even better on their website at taramar.com and follow the brand’s Arctic journey on Taramar’s Instagram Account >

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