Luonkos – Innovative Cosmetics Brand That Inspires Change

In the awards autumn series of blog posts, we get to know the brands and people behind the nominee products of the Nordic Natural Beauty Awards 2021. In this post, we are proud to let the Finnish innovative cosmetics brand Luonkos share their story and about their award-winning products:

“Luonkos was founded three years ago by three ladies who believe that they can make a difference. Since the beginning, the core idea has been to offer cosmetics that are created to help people and nature to feel better. Luonkos wants to inspire change for the better.

The founders of Luonkos: Miia Leino, Jonna Vesterinen, and Piritta Fors

Luonkos is a forerunner of sustainable innovation in natural cosmetics. One of the innovations of Luonkos is the oil cleansing cakes, the 4-in-1 oil cleansers that make the everyday cleansing routine fast, fun, and efficient. Skin gets clean, balanced, and nourished, and feels wonderful and silky – just with one quality product! Packaging is zero waste without plastics and 100% recyclable. To mention, the oil cleansing cakes were awarded the ‘Best Innovation’ prize in the Nordic Natural Beauty Awards 2020.

In 2020, the Finnish company Uute Scientific launched their revolutionary Reconnecting Nature™ forest microbe extract – a researched-based ingredient that contains thousands of different natural good microbes. Top scientists have found that forest microbes are extremely beneficial to the human microbiome and our immune system. As with all their cosmetics innovations, Luonkos stayed ahead of the curve and was the first company to use the Reconnecting Nature™ in their cosmetic products in 2020 – in the ‘Infinity’ oil cleansing cake and ‘Vitality’ body oil cake.

In 2021, Luonkos launched two new products containing the Reconnecting Nature™ forest microbe extract; Fruitful and Powerful powder deodorants. These natural cosmetics innovations do not contain sodium and are rich in magnesium and zinc. Fruitful has a fruity scent from pure essential oils whereas Powerful comes without a scent.

These powder deos became an instant hit during the hot summer of 2021. And how come so? Because they can be used, not only for armpits but all over the body – wherever necessary. ‘Boob sweat deo’ made the headlines in several magazines and thousands of women felt that they finally found salvation to their summer sweat challenge between the tights, under the breasts, under toes… you name it. It’s no wonder that the powder deodorants are also nominated in the Nordic Natural Beauty Awards 2021.

In the brand’s home base Finland, tens of thousands already love Luonkos’ products, and many claim that they never want to use anything else. Luonkos is now looking for international sales opportunities to grow and to bring their cake love into everyone’s reach.

TOP 5 reasons to love Luonkos:

1) Skin feels better
2) Products really work
3) Quality ingredients
4) Plastic-free packaging
5) No harm to nature

Welcome to join the journey of Luonkos!”

Nominated in the Nordic Natural Beauty Awards 2021:

Luonkos – Fruitful / Powerful Natural Deodorant Powder

Get to know Luonkos even better on their website at and follow the brand’s colourful journey on social media, such as on Luonkos’ Instagram Account >

The co-founder and CEO of Luonkos, Piritta Fors, visited also the Nordic Natural Beauty Podcast earlier this year where she shared deeper insights about powerful Nordic ingredients as well as more about the innovative cosmetics of Luonkos, so the episode is an absolute must-listen! You can find and listen to the episode on Spotify, among others.

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