Honningperler – Meaningful Natural Care From Denmark

In the awards autumn series of blog posts, we get to know the brands and people behind the nominee products of the Nordic Natural Beauty Awards 2021. In this post, we are proud to share more about the innovative, dedicated, and creative care product brand Honningperler, as told by the founder of the brand, Kristin Olischer:

“At first, there was an idea, then a vision, and then a meaning. Honningperler stands for handmade natural care products for a healthy and environmentally friendly lifestyle.

Based on my passion for beekeeping, I developed a curiosity and strong motivation for developing natural care products using the ingredients from my own beekeeping like honey and beeswax, without any preservatives in environmentally friendly packaging.

A choice that still brings me great joy and meaning. The enriching freedom that nature gives me unleashes my creativity. And so, my dream of having my own business arose – and together with that desire, the idea to fulfill my life dream: development and production of clean and healthy care products, where I can both live out my creativity and learn endlessly about both nature and having a business.

The lip balm, which is also nominated in the Nordic Natural Beauty Awards 2021, was the first product I developed. It contains three ingredients: olive oil, beeswax, and honey. The natural version of lip balm is nominated in the awards, though you can also choose the lip balm with a scent: Lavender, Vanilla, or Peppermint. The packaging is grass paper and not recycled paper.


I use precious ingredients in the production, so my main purpose is to develop care products that people really need and use. Talking frequently with my clients helps me find out how the products have been helping them and what they could need. This is how I got to know that many were using the lip balm as a multi-use product, not only for their lips but also for the sensitive skin parts of their body. Based on this need, I developed a Body Balm Bar – a solid lotion bar and a Body Peeling Bar.

I enjoy producing and delivering my products to other businesses, but I have to admit that I love packaging a webshop order for a customer. One of the most important points of my concept is that, if you take something from nature you should give something back. As an addition to every order, I always add some bee-flower seeds in the package. This way, even the youngest can help nature and give something back.

Without the support of the people I have around me, this dream would never have come true. And hand on heart – it is not so much about me, but more about my journey – and about my desire to create some care products that are both delicious and clean.

I hope you enjoy them,



Nominated in the Nordic Natural Beauty Awards 2021:

Honningperler – Læbepomade Naturel Lip Balm

Get to know Honningperler even better on their website at honningperler.dk and follow the brand’s bee-ful journey on social media, such as on Honningperler’s Instagram Account >

The founder of Honningperler, Kristin Olischer, visited also the Nordic Natural Beauty Podcast where she shares her story of how she created her meaningful company as well as interesting insights about beekeeping, so the episode is an absolute must-listen! You can find and listen to the episode on Spotify, among others.

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