Donna Taponero & YoungJeune – Natural Products For The Next Generations

In the awards autumn series of blog posts, we get to know the brands and people behind the nominee products of the Nordic Natural Beauty Awards 2021. In this post, we are proud to share more about the award-nominated, Finnish natural care brands, Donna Taponero and YoungJeune:

Donna Taponero and YoungJeune are trademarks of the Finnish company Fuengicon Ltd. The main aim of both of the trademarks is the dedication to organic products – to innovate and to create functional balm formulas that will last through generations. The company’s passion is to create natural healing balms by using high-quality and 100% natural ingredients mainly from Finland.

Everything started from Spruce Resin balm

Fuengicon Ltd produces organic products based on beeswax and spruce resin by the leading entrepreneurs, Irene and Juha Taponen. They had a dream of bringing the blessing of spruce resin to everyone’s reach in the form of 100% natural skincare balm. Mr. Taponen got excited about spruce resin alchemy and tried different combinations, to find the winning formula. And it was found!

Today, the famous organic Spruce Resin balm has been joined by several other natural organic skincare balms that are based on the same values and qualities. Fuengicon Ltd had a desire to expand its production to vegan products and create products for everyone based on ingredients, such as Shea butter. Many new products based on these values have been brought to the market lately.

“To showcase the excellence of our natural products, we are very proud to have three of our latest products nominated in the Nordic Natural Beauty Awards 2021 – Mango Cacao Facial Peeling, Arctic Fluffy, and Warm Muscles. These innovative products have been hand-crafted with new, exciting ingredients with multiple health and skincare features. Both Arctic Fluffy and Mango Facial Peeling are also 100% vegan!”

Irene and Juha Taponen

Fuengicon Ltd was founded in 2014 and ever since then, the company’s products have been manufactured in a town called Marttila. The location provides many effective and valuable cooperating as well as manufacturing partners around the active area of Southwest Finland. A shorter distance means less transportation and a smaller carbon footprint, which suits the eco-friendly values of Fuengicon Ltd very well.

Today, under the Donna Taponero and YoungJeune trademarks, the company wants to provide products for the next generation and for young people as well, and of course, expand with the same quality and care they are already known for. For example, Warm Muscles balm with healing and warming features of arnica and magnesium, provide relief effectively for the sore and tense muscles. It’s a perfect balm for active people and athletes who also value moisturizing features at a very high level.

Well-being from 100% natural products by Donna Taponero!

Nominated in the Nordic Natural Beauty Awards 2021:

Donna Taponero – Arctic Fluffy


Donna Taponero – Mango-Cacao Facial Peeling

YoungJeune – Warm Muscles Magnesium-Arnica Balm


Get to know Donna Taponero and YoungJeune even better on their website at and follow the company’s organic journey on social media, such as on Donna Taponero’s Instagram Account >

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