Grevinnans Rum – Organic Artisan Cosmetics From Sweden

In the awards autumn series of blog posts, we get to know the brands and people behind the nominee products of the Nordic Natural Beauty Awards 2021. In this post, we are proud to share more about the Swedish cosmetics brand Grevinnans Rum, as told by the owner, founder, and creator of the brand, Karin Egertz”

“I have been working with skincare my whole life. Grevinnans rum is an organic and vegan skincare brand – built on my values and passions. What makes this work even more special, is to have my family working with me.

Together we create everything handmade in our own skincare factory in Gränna. It is a small town in the south of Sweden and it is the only county in Sweden. We only use the best quality of the ingredients – all organic and vegan. No palm oil. No animal testing. No bull. Just the best.

We create extraordinary artisan soaps, liquid soap, lotions, body balms, salt scrubs, body oils, face oils, serums, and more.

The recipes are designed with the utmost care and we are very proud to be one of the most exclusive organic brands in Sweden.

Each product contains generous amounts of caring oils, clays, extracts, and carefully selected fragrances. The Scent experience gives that little extra.

Winners of the Nordic Natural Beauty Awards 2020 – Grevinnans Rum’s Face Mask/Peel, Firming Body Oil, and Saltvattentvålen No:1

Our products are handmade from scratch and fit best with a silver spoon. Just because they are so amazingly good.

Bringing old knowledge about our medicinal plants to life is one of the concepts of the brand. We used to live in harmony with nature. Together with the old and modern, we take a new step into the future.

Welcome to the journey of Grevinnans Rum!

With Love,
Karin Egertz”


Nominated in the Nordic Natural Beauty Awards 2021:

Grevinnans Rum – Salt Scrub De Luxe


Grevinnans Rum – Lotion Fresh Cotton


Grevinnans Rum – Saltvattentvålen No:1 Liquid


Get to know Grevinnans Rum even better on their website at and follow the brand’s beauty journey on social media, such as on Grevinnans Rum’s Instagram Account >

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