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In the awards autumn series of blog posts, we get to know the brands and people behind the nominee products of the Nordic Natural Beauty Awards 2021. In this post, we are proud to share more about the idea behind the Swedish skincare brand Terese & Soon, as told by the founders of the brand – Victoria Bravell and Anna Edéus:

“Entering a store with a large selection of skincare products can be quite confusing and overwhelming. Over the years we have seen overconsumption of skincare products, brought by K-beauty 12 step routines and the social media climate. The more the better is not necessarily the case when it comes to skincare. The skin can be stressed, and the products may not work well together. Therefore, we wanted to go back to basic, give the skin a fresh start – a detox. 

The key for healthy skin is a high-quality basic skincare routine – cleansing and moisturizing. What you use on your skin every day should be safe to use for your skin and for the environment without compromising a great result. That’s the idea behind Terese & Soon Everyday mini-series. We call it ‘Everyday’, as we think it fits into a sustainable lifestyle every day.

A good routine can help your skin look and feel great. Everybody’s skin condition is unique but with Terese & Soon Everyday we have addressed what most people benefit from regardless of age or gender. Ingredients as bergamot, lemongrass, black currant, and neroli add moisture, prevent pores from clogging, balance the skin as well as soothe and leave the skin feeling healthy and refreshed.

Terese & Soon Everyday Face Moisturizer is nominated in the Nordic Natural Beauty Awards 2021. It is certified organic by Cosmos Organic. The face moisturizer is rich in vitamin C and E, filled with nutrients for the skin.”

Terese & Soon is a Swedish organic minimalistic skincare brand, founded by Anna Edéus and Victoria Bravell. Two childhood friends who have shared a lot over the years but with different professional backgrounds.

“We have had different challenges with our skin in periods and made many acquaintances with different products over the years. That experience together with our knowledge in pharmacy and sustainability issues made it possible for us to develop our dream skincare.”

Anna Edéus and Victoria Bravell

Nominated in the Nordic Natural Beauty Awards 2021:

Terese & Soon – Everyday Face Moisturizer

Get to know Terese & Soon even better on their website at tereseandsoon.se and follow the brand’s skip-care journey on social media, such as on Terese & Soon’s Instagram Account >

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