A Sustainable Closet – Our New Collaborating Partner

By Sophie Gripenberg & Isabelle Lind – the founders of A Sustainable Closet

Collaborations are key! And they really are the way to move forward, gain new perspectives, and develop new skills. We (Isabelle and Sophie) are so happy to start collaborating with Natural Nordic Beauty Awards. Together we can pave the way for sustainable beauty and fashion to become everyone’s number one choice and strengthen the bond between the industries.

So, what is A Sustainable Closet? 

It all started in the autumn of 2019 when Sophie felt that she needed to do something about all the questions she got about where to find sustainable clothing. As a sustainability professional with several years of experience working and volunteering in fields related to fair trade, organic farming, climate change, poverty reduction, empowerment, humanitarian response, and not at least as the sustainability coordinator for a large humanitarian organization, handling more than 300 second-hand shops, she knew about the complexities of sustainable production and making a sustainable choice as a consumer. She started in a simple manner with blog posts on her outfits which in a few months grew and suddenly became a platform for sustainable fashion.

Sophie wanted to make it simple for people to make better choices. She wanted to show that sustainability doesn’t have to be boring, ugly, or even expensive. There are so many pathways and everyone can join at some point and in some way. About a year later, the sustainable fashion consultant Isabelle came to join Sophie to form the team of A Sustainable Closet. Isabelle holds a 360-degree experience in the fashion industry, including fast to luxury fashion, production, logistics, marketing, and styling. We are a small but driven and highly motivated team, striving to inspire and redefine what fashion and style mean to the world.

Credit: Patrick Saxe

Today we are based in Stockholm, Sweden and Milan, Italy with the main focus on Scandinavia but we tell stories from all over the world. 

We are aiming to change how fashion lovers over-consume these days and instead inspire them to rethink, find new ways to shop, get to know their bodies and style, and be supportive of our growing community. We want to pave the sometimes tricky way in finding sustainable options, by telling sustainable fashion stories, interviewing our so-called Change Makers who are leading by example, and showing the world how to dress fabulous but in a sustainable way. We also talk with sustainable brands, telling us about their production and how to produce in better ways, although most new production is rarely sustainable enough.

But we have to be realistic, new production will more or less always exist and therefore we have to find the better options and least environmentally dangerous ones. We promote second-hand first hand, we talk about people instead of consumers and we are focusing on solutions instead of problems. We are furthermore collaborating with a carefully curated range of sustainable influencers that we call our Style Ambassadors. The ambassadors help us build the community around A Sustainable Closet yet join us for projects, events, and photoshoots. We work with guest bloggers and interns who want to develop a portfolio for their upcoming careers. 

Credit: Patrick Saxe

When the A Sustainable Closet journey started, we were more or less only focusing on fashion with all its aspects, but seeing the platform develop and grow, we have started introducing content talking about the beauty world too. We see a strong bond and connection between fashion and beauty. And just like we should have a sustainable closet we should also strive to improve our beauty routines and what we actually put on our skin. We are so happy to initiate this collaboration with Nordic Natural Beauty Awards and together walk hand in hand on this journey to open people’s eyes toward sustainable fashion and beauty. 

We want you to find your sustainable closet and show that being fashionable and sustainable IS possible, and it’s actually a lot of fun and sometimes challenging but oh so rewarding seeing your unique and personal closet coming together.. 

Credit: Patrick Saxe

A Sustainable Closet is a platform for those of you who want to end fast fashion and start your own sustainable closet journey. 

To join our community and learn more, follow us on Instagram @a_sustainablecloset, and visit our platform at asustainablecloset.com 

See you there <3 / Sophie & Isabelle

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