In the awards autumn series of blog posts, we get to know the brands as well as the people behind the nominee products of the Nordic Natural Beauty Awards 2022. In this post, we are proud to share more about the Swedish organic skincare brand Rosenserien.

“Rosenserien is a Swedish skincare line for the whole family. The products are addressed to people who want to cherish their skin while taking responsibility for the environment as they are 100% natural and made primarily with certified organic ingredients. The products contain essential rose oil and the base of each product is made with certified fair trade aloe vera, vegetable oils, and green tea, making the products effective, gentle, and long-lasting. Production takes place in Sweden and the whole line is vegan certified and approved by PETA.


The story about Rosenserien begins some 40 years ago. Laine Nilsson, one of the founders of Rosenserien, worked as a hairdresser and noticed that her skin was not feeling well from the strong permanent and staining fluids that she worked with. The skin on the hands and face became dry, irritated, and started to flake off. Laine began to examine the contents of these products and what it was that made her skin react. She saw that there were many different chemicals and also toxic substances in these products. After she examined the content of the skin care products and found the same substances, although in lesser amounts. Laine also discovered that the rules for what might exists in the products for hair and skin were virtually non-existent.

Laine Nilsson began to explore options to see if there were products without these synthetic and toxic substances. She found alternatives, and after studying and using other natural products, Laine got ready to develop her own skincare line. In the early ’80s, she contacted a friend, Agneta Törnqvist, and various chemists, and in 1984 the first products of Rosenserien were ready to sell.

Rosenserien is manufactured by RS Biokosmetik and is today controlled by Laine Nilsson’s daughter, Carina Swartz. Carina is dedicated to natural and organic skincare and wants to continue her mother’s mission to spread clean and organic skin care products to all people. Together with her husband Jerker, she has developed Rosenserien into one of the leading brands in the Swedish organic cosmetic industry.

Carina Swartz

The Nordic Natural Beauty Awards 2022 nominated Vitamin C serum with rose root is a deep-acting serum complement to your ordinary moisturizer. It gives a boost of energy with its stabilized Vitamin C and revitalizing rose root. The skin regains and maintains its elasticity and shine. Treatment with the serum can restore skin that has been damaged by the sun and might also have a bleaching effect on pigmentation. The serum is suitable for all skin types.”

Get to know Rosenserien even better on their website at and follow the brand’s roseful journey on Rosenserien’s Instagram account >

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