In the awards autumn series of blog posts, we get to know the brands and people behind the nominee products of the Nordic Natural Beauty Awards 2022. In this post, we are proud to share more about the Danish natural haircare brand BIRK, as told by the founder of the brand, Jannie Engberg:

“As a former teacher and a mom, I felt like I had to stand up and do something differently. Young people have way too many fears about their future, more than they should have, and we adults need to stand up to our responsibilities. We can and we will change the world so that our kids don’t have to worry that much.

My mission has been simple since the beginning – to provide products that contain less single-use plastics, without compromise of course.

Most disposable plastics are of such poor quality that they cannot be reused or recycled, and often end up in incineration – or worse, in nature. What a waste! And so why do we use them then, one would wonder. They meet a need, it is as simple as that. But we at BIRK do not want to keep doing so anymore, we are ready to take you on a solid mission.

BIRK is driving on passion – a true passion for nature and a better world. Often, when companies share about their Sustainable Development Goals, they tend to see it as a thing they have to mention, but it is not really a part of their DNA. Instead, BIRK was actually born from the Sustainable Development Goals (especially when it comes to goals 14 and 15).

At BIRK, we want to make an impact on single-use plastic issues – one plastic-free item at a time. We are really fighting for less climate anxiety, and we do not just talk, we do – and we do with all our heart and soul. We wish to leave a better world to our children, and therefore we do.

BIRK’s main products are solid shampoo bars. One example of those is our Honning Shampoobar which was awarded as the Best Hair Care Product in the Nordic Natural Beauty Awards 2021. We also have a range of other nature-friendly products, such as the brand new awards nominee Pilerod – our dry shampoo.

Pilerod is made out of all-natural ingredients, like arrowroot and clay. We at BIRK think that cosmetics do not need to be difficult or complicated to work. Simple and easy is our new black.

In the past, beauty products contained all sorts of chemicals – what they had to – in the light of knowledge. Today we understand more and see that we do not need all the bad chemicals to make products functional. We can go all natural without compromise.

The awards-nominated Pilerod dry shampoo is a perfect example of that. It gently absorbs grease from hair roots and scalp, giving you the perfect opportunity to skip a washday. Being economical, you do not need to use much powder to do the trick, you thereby get a lot of value for your money as well.

I am personally very proud to produce sustainable cosmetics that meet the current need. Our large range of happy customers really says it all. I’m also proud to have our production located in Denmark. It’s about time we bring back the local production, support small businesses around us, use local suppliers as well as be more aware of where our beauty products come from.

BIRK is true to its values of transparent, local, natural, and sustainable production. You will always know what you get, and you can trust that we do our best for you, your children, and nature.”

Get to know BIRK even better on their website at and follow the brand’s journey on BIRK’s Instagram account >

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