In the awards autumn series of blog posts, we get to know the brands behind the nominee products of the Nordic Natural Beauty Awards 2022. In this post, we are proud to share more about the Finnish natural skincare brand Kinoko.

“We wanted to combine the good properties of kombucha with cosmetics. That’s why we created a series of products that will nurse the skin like kombucha nurses the digestion – with good probiotics. Probiotics are good types of microorganisms, the ones whose presence keeps the bad guys at bay. We managed to capture the gentle properties of kombucha into the Kinoko products which care for your skin from the surface.

Kombucha is known as a trendy drink, but this fermented black tea can also be used in skincare. Fermented ingredients offer versatile benefits to the skin, because they break down the active substances into a smaller and more absorbable form, allowing the skin to utilize them even better. Tea is already a super antioxidant in itself and would be a “good ingredient” on its own, but fermentation makes it even more effective. The fermented raw material is simply always more effective than the non-fermented version. That’s why you should always greet fermented ingredients with joy! The Kinoko Face Creams effect of kombucha on the skin is antioxidant, soothing, refreshing, and brightening. Kombucha is one of those hero ingredients that improve the skin’s structure. You may recognize kombucha from the INCI as Black Tea Ferment.

“Kinoko stands out in the domestic field of natural cosmetics as refreshingly different, at the same time being on the crest of the wave of trends and strongly adhering to the important well-being themes of the time. The magical skincare line infused with kombucha and probiotics carries products that are very affordable making them available to everyone.”

The Kinoko series is all about nurturing the skin’s good microbiome with supporting key ingredients kombucha and probiotics. Kinoko gives a holistic view of well-being and encourages positivity towards oneself. 

Many customers consider our Face Cream as the star product of the series because its composition is absolutely staggering in its versatility and high-quality ingredients. A bunch of superstar ingredients combined with good absorbency and a comfortable skin feel makes the Face Cream magical! Excellent moisturizing and antioxidant cream! The scent of the product is a soft mixture of tea, spices, and gentle citrus. 

The natural Kinoko skincare series is suitable for all skin types and it is produced in an eco-certified factory in Helsinki. Kinoko turns everyday skin care into an experience that gives pleasure, welfare, and confidence. The routines give rhythm to everyday life and create a sense of security within the hecticness. In the long run, skin care routines promote mental well-being. The Kinoko skincare routine makes you invest time in the most important thing – yourself.”

Get to know Kinoko even better on their website at and follow the brand’s journey on Kinoko’s Instagram account >

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