In the awards autumn series of blog posts, we get to know the brands and people behind the nominee products of the Nordic Natural Beauty Awards 2022. In this post, we are proud to share more about the Finnish haircare brand, Four Reasons:

“Four Reasons is a Finnish beauty industry rebel that stands up for diversity. Our goal is to help everyone feel great by just being themselves and to break the narrow mold of beauty one better hair day at a time.

The Four Reasons Nature range of products represents our strong will to create a better tomorrow. Products are manufactured in Finland in line with the principles of sustainable development. The series has been granted the ECOCERT Cosmos Natural certificate which guarantees natural raw ingredients and ecological production and packaging. Our Product Specialist Pia Nurmi and Product Development Chemist Jenni Virtanen shed light on the development work of the Four Reasons Nature product line.

4 Reasons to pamper your hair with certified natural cosmetics:


The development process of a certified hair cosmetics product is long because, for example, fewer raw materials meeting the criteria are available. After a long testing phase, we succeeded in creating consistencies that meet our quality criteria. “The Four Reasons Nature products contain at least 99% natural ingredients, and the products are brimming with lovely effective agents straight from nature,” says Pia.

Perhaps the most discernible difference between natural and traditional cosmetics is that silicone is not allowed in natural cosmetics. Many traditional hair products make hair smoother and less frizzy with silicones, but natural cosmetics opt for natural alternatives, waxes, and oils. No wonder the nourishing and conditioning composition of the Four Reasons Nature Moisture Oil hair oil was noted and awarded in the Nordic Natural Beauty Awards 2020, for example.


The Four Reasons Nature products are made in Finland at the Transmeri Group plant, which uses 100% certified wind power. This means that the products can be sold to customers as local production with a clean conscience.


In 2019, Four Reasons was among the first manufacturers to start using packaging made of recycled plastic with hair cosmetics products. “After extensive testing, we found a solution that met our color and packaging design requirements. When a bottle is made of 100% recycled plastic, it can never be completely clear, and there is always some variation with the shades and thickness of the material,” Pia says.


Preferring natural cosmetics is largely an ethical choice, and the use of the products often comes with a desire to protect nature and use raw materials sustainably. Natural cosmetics also offer gentle and pampering alternatives: those who have used natural cosmetics hair products have said their hair feels completely different from before when they used traditional hair products.

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