In the awards autumn series of blog posts, we get to know the brands and people behind the nominee products of the Nordic Natural Beauty Awards 2022. In this post, we are proud to share more about the Finnish natural skincare brand Pura Nordica, as told by the founder of the brand, Nina Kekäläinen:

“Prior to founding Pura Nordica, I worked in research, healthcare, and education. These fields provided a great base for me to create knowledge-filled products, though it was only after moving to the countryside and having created natural aid for my own needs, that I thought about it seriously. Living so near to nature, I had become more and more interested in the versatility of natural cosmetics and had found cures for my own skin challenges. As a result, I founded Pura Nordica in 2021.

Rose root has become an especially dear raw material to me, and I am so humbled to share its powers through Pura Nordica’s cosmetics. The name rose root comes from the rose-scented rhizome of the plant. It is an arctic plant, that has been studied to reduce skin pigmentation but has also an anti-age effect by reducing cellular damage caused by oxygen radicals. As an adaptogenic plant rose root has many other good skin-repairing qualities as well. Because of these awesome features, I chose rose root as one of the ingredients for the award-nominated Rhodiola Rosea Facial Cream. I personally pick up the rhizomes from the field of the local organic farm and process them into a form that is suitable for the cream.

The development of the Rhodiola Rosea Facial Cream started from my own needs. A few years back, it was difficult for me to find creams on the market that would be moisturizing enough. I knew that I was not the only one looking for highly moisturizing creams, since especially during the winter and the heating season, many Finns like myself suffer from dry skin and seborrhea occurs in up to 3-5 % of the population. So having the knowledge and passion for natural cures, I started to develop a cream for the very dry and seborrhea-prone skin type.

The search for a suitable cream had been especially difficult for me due to the fact that I hardly tolerate essential oils, which are commonly used in natural cosmetics. This is the reason why I decided to formulate Rhodiola Rosea Facial Cream without essential oils and offer another type of alternative in the natural skincare scene. The cream is especially suitable for dry and very dry skin types but works its magic also on aging and Couperose skin. It is also a wonderful night cream for a normal skin type.

I must mention also, how excited I am about having the Rhodiola Rosea Facial Cream nominated for the Nordic Natural Beauty Awards 2022. There are such great products in these yearly awards and I could not be more proud that my creation is among these cosmetics. With this excitement, I welcome you all to join the journey of Pura Nordica!


CEO and founder of PURA NORDICA”

Get to know Pura Nordica even better on the brand’s website at puranordica.fi and follow the brand’s journey on Pura Nordica’s Instagram account >

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