In our autumn series of blog posts, we get to know the brands as well as the people behind the nominees of the Nordic Natural Beauty Awards 2022 better. In today’s post, we are proud to share more about the Swedish natural haircare brand Herbhub, as told by the founders of the brand, Frida Jansson and Lena Hellman.

“Herbhubsweden is a plant-based hair product brand created by us – Lena Hellman and Frida Jansson, a mother and a daughter – by hairdressers for hairdressers. Our products are formulated with ingredients from plants and herbs and the ingredients are sourced from farmers as close to Sweden as only possible, mostly in Europe. We like to work with small businesses with quality and ecological farming, as we really care about the whole chain of production – from growing the plants all the way to the finished product.

The story of Herbhub started when we worked together as hairdressers at Lena’s ecological hair salon Friekosör in Stockholm. We wanted to work with better hair products that truly helped our customers to grow beautiful hair, and as we could not find anything suitable on the market, we started to experiment, read books, and learn everything about hair products ourselves.

We complement each other really well – Lena has experience in the industry and Frida has inspiration and new ideas. Together we make a great team though we hired also a chemist who helped us make our dream come true. The dream was Herbhub, a brand with everything we possibly needed as hairdressers. Now we are spreading the word to the hairdressers in Sweden so they also can help their customers have beautiful hair.

Our Fluffy Moulding which is nominated for the Nordic Natural Beauty Awards 2022 is a soft wax. It can be used in a lot of different ways, for example as a mousse in wet hair before styling or in dry hair to crunch up the curls. You could also have it in wet hair before you do heatless curls, or you could apply it to your hair to control it when you are doing updos. The product is created for styling but it nurtures and moisturizes with its almond oil at the same time. It is a plant-based product with wax from three different berries. 

All Herbhub’s products are made in Sweden and they are 100% vegan. Good for you and for nature – welcome to follow our journey!”

Lena Hellman & Frida Jansson

Get to know Herbhub even better on their website at herbhubsweden.com and follow the brand’s natural journey on Herbhub’s Instagram account >

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