In the awards autumn series of blog posts, we get to know the brands behind the nominee products of the Nordic Natural Beauty Awards 2022. In this post, we are proud to share more about the Danish natural skincare brand GreenEtiq Denmark, as told by the owner and founder of the brand, Tine Ejlersen Liebeck:

“I have a background in the traditional cosmetic industry. I worked as a strategic responsible within purchasing, and over the years, have been deeply involved in product development of cosmetics, face care, body care as well as fragrance. This all has given me a deep and broad knowledge regarding the cosmetic business, travelling around the world and visiting both exhibitions and producers.

Privately I am very much into horses, animals, mountain biking in nature, enjoying nature a lot in general, and living close to the sea and country. Being close to nature also sparked the idea of GreenEtiq one day, what if I built something greener, a cosmetics brand that is close to nature, transparent, and trustworthy?

I wanted to create GreenEtiq an exclusive high-quality brand, at a reasonable price, and I wanted the brand to be as green as possible, with the most demanding certification on the market taking ecology, vegan ingredients, and sustainable agriculture into consideration. And that is exactly what I did.

Fast forward, GreenEtiq’s products are all certified by Natrue Organic, which demands a minimum of 95% organic content, vegan-friendly products as well as 100% sustainable agriculture. Importantly, Natrue is looking into the entire value chain. They ensure that the logistics are run in the best and most effective way, the packaging is not taking too many resources including the print and artwork at the packaging, and they also secure that nothing incorrect is printed on the final packaging.

I am really proud that four products of GreenEtiq have been nominated in the Nordic Natural Beauty Awards 2022, and therefore I would love to share more details about these wonderful cosmetics that each have some very fine forces.


This very fine and exclusive Elixir is an intense anti-age and moisturizing serum. The quality is very concentrated, which is why it is only necessary to use a couple of drops at each application. The result shows fast because the formula is without any added water but instead made of pure high-quality aloe vera. Aloe vera in itself has as many as 12 vitamins, 20 minerals, and a myriad of forced, talking skincare.

We have also added plenty of natural Hyaluronic minerals, which ensures that you will have well-moisturized skin all day and all night long. The Acacia Senegal gum is a mix of roots and bark and it has an intensive and deep anti-age effect. It penetrates deeper into the skin and smoothes from there. The serum works best on cleansed, fresh, and toned skin. It has an intense anti-age effect and has a wonderfully clean and fresh scent, a mix of the mentioned ingredients as well as a few essential oils. 

We recommend this serum for +30 years. It works for all skin types.


This most wonderful eye contour cream tones as well as has an intensive anti-age effect and a lifting effect. The fine and smooth formula does not grease at all and the skin absorbs the cream very well leaving it very well taken care of.

If you are not used to products with a lot of active ingredients, you will definitely feel the cream work in your skin. The fine luxury ingredients such as fig cactus, blue grapes, pomegranate, aloe vera, almond oil, hyaluronic, and shea butter supply you with a true exclusive eye cream.


GreenEtiq’s Face Tonic is something special as well. First of all, the scent of the wonderful organic ingredients makes you dream between a luxury spa and pure nature. The tonic has, due to the abundance of organic high-quality ingredients, an intense moisturizing effect, anti-age effect, lifting effect, and calming effect. It counteracts redness in the skin and it ensures also that your pores are not getting clogged. 


The formula of this cream is very special. It is very light and very slow in use, as you only need a couple of small drops per application, due to the fine quality. It has intense moisture and an anti-age effect and it is most optimal for normal to oily skin or impure skin. Especially the big content of Jojoba, Aloe Vera,

The scent is very similar to the intense Anti-age & Moisture Elixir serum and is coming from the product’s wonderful ingredients as well as a few essential oils. This cream is also recommended for +30 years and it can with advantageously be used together with the AntiAge & Moisture Elixir serum.


The production of GreenEtiq is placed in the most beautiful place within south Europe, just next to all the wonderful wheat, lavender, rosemary, and fig cactus fields, aloe vera plantation, olive grove, sweet orange plantation, and wine yards.

The ingredients are the reason why the products are very effective and exclusive. The plants are very well taken care of, as small babies. For example, every morning the Aloe Vera plants are getting checked. Any insects are removed from the plants and leaves as if they bite the leaves, the leaves will oxidize, and thus they will lose their power. Further, the plants will be approved, by people from the laboratory, before going into production, to make sure their high-end quality all the way through. All productions are running as cold production, to secure all assets. Same regards filling, we only use packaging that can be cold filled.

We have chosen air-less pumps for all face-care products, to ensure that the products are not getting oxygenated and stay active for the whole product lifetime. With this pump packaging, we also ensure that bacteria cannot get into the products and a piston inside the packaging makes sure, that all product comes out – when the packaging is empty, the packaging is truly completely empty. And a green note, to avoid unnecessary overconsumption, we have chosen to print directly on the primary packaging and are free of resource-heavy sales cartons and labels. Luxury packaging for luxury products. 

Our cosmetics are luxury products with very fine ingredients, packed with vitamins, minerals, and moisture, which altogether ensure a healthy glow for the skin.

I welcome you all to follow the journey of GreenEtiq!”

Tine Ejlersen Liebeck

Get to know GreenEtiq even better on the brand’s website at and follow the brand’s journey on GreenEtiq’s Instagram account >

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