In the awards autumn series of blog posts, we get to know the brands and people behind the nominee products of the Nordic Natural Beauty Awards 2022. In this post, we are proud to share more about the Finnish natural skincare brand AIVA, as told by the founder of the brand, Jonna Jalkanen.

“AIVA is a new Finnish brand that knows you are unique and a work of art. For us at AIVA, the signs of a life lived – lines, spots, texture changes, are more authentic and fascinating than smoothed perfection.

AIVA is wildly easy care – minimalistic, multiuse eco-certified skincare, and organic hand-picked super tasty superfoods aka Supergoods from pure Finnish nature.

AIVA is an ode to every rising morning. For laughter, lines, and scars. For life.
And you, in the center of it all. Individual. Fabulous. Original.

The skincare world may seem impossible to many, there are so many products with difficult names to choose from. That’s why beauty professionals fairly often hear ‘Well, I bought it but never used it.’ Recently, the 10-step Eastern skincare routine changed the way Westerners care for their face. At AIVA, we wonder, ‘What do those nine products not do, that the tenth promises?

At AIVA, we know that your skin is the master of moisturizing, nourishing, and balancing itself. The actions dermatologists actually suggest are minimal. Oftentimes we clean, scrub and soak the protective ourselves for the need of more products, as excess cleansing and rubbing may harm the core of well-being skin – the natural protective hydrolipidic layer – which may lead to dry, imbalanced skin – with impurities and even inflammations.

AIVA routine and products help to support your skin – not act against it. Our skincare philosophy is wildly minimalistic. We like to do our maths as follows, 1+1=10. Our launch range of two multi-use products – The Cream and The Oil – do the tasks of more than ten products, alone or together.

Minimal skincare may also be effective when professionally made. According to dermatological and clinical studies, AIVA products moisturize and nourish effectively – yet gently. AIVA is suitable for sensitive skin, too.

We also believe in the connection between inner and outer beauty. We know our gut’s microbiome and skin’s microbiome communicate. Studies suggest anger, sadness, and bitterness, negative feelings, age our skin cells faster. Happiness is truly visible on your face.

Personally, I have a long history in the beauty industry. I have worked with French brands such as Dior and Givenchy, and as Beauty Director in the leading beauty and fashion magazines including Elle. I have earlier won ie. Tatler Best of Beauty and Allure Beauty Award for my previous skincare creation, and as the only Finnish beauty brand developer in history ever to win especially valued French Les Oscars de Cosmetiquemag – at the same time with Dior, Kenzo, Louis Vuitton, and Hermes, to mention some. I have also been a requested speaker at industry events about global megatrends.

AIVA was born from the requests of many. ‘Why is there no easy yet effective natural skincare brand?’ This was a typical question I encountered. I decided it was about time to make the beauty industry easier to approach – to talk about difficult subjects with easy to approach mentality – with layman’s terms. It was about time to offer a minimalistic amount of products with maximum results and to also support the globe we live in.

AIVA is a true Borealis Beauty brand – we bring the sense and magical pure nature of Nordic available globally. We, the people of the North are known for our ability to clarify and simplify even difficult matters. Our Northern climate and Borealis nature are home to extremely powerful organic berries – including Bilberry – Nordic blueberry filled with incredible and powerful properties to our skin.

Our simple skincare routine can be fully done with our award-nominated Duo – The Oil and The Cream. Start with cleansing extremely gently. The Oil is non-emulsifying, so it does not absorb into the skin’s protective lipids and moisture, but rather supports the hydrolipidic layer which is the secret of well-being and beautiful skin.

Moisturize when needed with The Oil and/or The Cream – alone or mixed. When mixing you can also create amazing facial masks and body lotions of the two products. For a facial mask, add a few drops of The Oil to The Cream and for body lotion, add plenty of The Oil and a little of The Cream. It is good to remember to mix the products only just prior to applying, as preserving any mixes is a complex matter.

Mintel 2030 trend analysts reported that simplified skincare is one of the major trends of the future. It is truly crucial also for the sake of saving our Earth. AIVA is already here – for today and for tomorrow. Kind for the skin and kind for the planet!

At the moment, the award-nominated AIVA Duo (and more) is available in Finland, Japan, the US, and Canada – and launching this fall in Sweden, France, and Hong Kong – to mention some. Stay tuned for AIVA Sun – 100% physical eco-certified sunscreens to be launched in 2023 and available in selected stores already in 2022.

We are the wildly minimalistic care brand changing the world to consume less – yet better. Easy and effortless. I welcome you all to join the journey of AIVA!”

Jonna Jalkanen
The founder of AIVA

Get to know AIVA even better on the brand’s website at and follow the brand’s journey on AIVA’s Instagram account >

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