In the awards autumn series of blog posts, we get to know the brands behind the nominee products of the Nordic Natural Beauty Awards 2022. In this post, we are proud to share more about the Finnish natural cosmetics brand HejBuddy, as told by the founders.

“A new(ish) name on the market, HejBuddy, was born during the pandemic when beauty salons were shut down and people started to spend more time at home. Something was missing from people’s bathrooms – an easy-to-use body sugaring kit for home use. There were only a few natural hair removal methods in the market; some pastes with strips and some pastes that needed water, additions, and/or mixing. We wanted to develop a home-sugaring product that would be as easy to use as possible. And so, the idea of Sugar Buddy was born.

Our 100% natural sugaring paste was developed during the spring and summer of 2020. As up in northern Finland, the day started to get shorter towards the autumn and winter and the worldwide crisis showed only signs of continuing, we thought some playfulness would not a bad idea at all. Powerful pink, electric green, and joyful yellow – with a touch of baby blue and purple. Kind voice with a warm and helpful heart. And so was HejBuddy born into life as a brand.

Our Sugar Buddy -kit comes with a special applicator. The applicator helps when making a sugaring for armpits or intimate areas. You do not need strips or hands to remove the paste – everything happens with the applicator – or as we call it, a spatula. Our Sugar Buddy received a very warm welcome online, so we decided to open a store in Helsinki, Finland in December 2021. Our clients loved home sugaring but they were craving some natural exfoliating between the sugaring sessions. Body sugaring truly is more than just hair removal. Scrub Buddy and Soap Buddy were born out of these requests, to take care of the skin between sugaring sessions. Despite the name ‘Soap’, both of these products are scrubs.

Scrub Buddy has a very strong effect made from coffee. Soap Buddy is a little bit lighter since its effectiveness comes from crushed almonds. We wanted the scrubs to be bar-formed so that there will not be any waste since the scrub is used straight on the skin.

We are obviously really proud to have not just one but two of our products – Sugar Buddy and Scrub Buddy – nominated so quickly for the Nordic Natural Beauty Awards.

Join our journey and stay tuned for something exciting coming in 2023!”

Get to know HejBuddy even better on the brand’s website at hejbuddy.fi and follow the brand’s journey on HejBuddy’s Instagram account >

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