Nordic Natural Beauty Awards 2022 were organized on the awards’ Instagram account on Thursday, October 27th, 2022. The competition was tight in all of the categories, proving that all the nominees are just incredible.

We wanted to take a deeper look at the awarded cosmetics and why they specifically make a great addition to anyone’s beauty routine. To avoid the list becoming one heavy manual (even though we know it would be a good one!), we divided the awarded cosmetics into seven parts. This post is all about BODY CARE.

The skin is our largest organ, so it is important to take care of it well. Whether it’s about cleansing the skin, scrubbing off dead skin cells, hydrating the skin, hair removal, or keeping yourself fresh throughout the day, these following award-winning products will have you covered, naturally.


Tvåla&Tvaga – Magnifik

The solid soap Magnifik of the Swedish brand Tvåla&Tvaga was awarded the title of Best Solid Soap. The Magnifik (=magnificent) soap is made exclusively in the Tvåla&Tvaga’s soap factory in Gothenburg, Sweden. 

“Our Magnifik soap contains a lot of shea butter, which makes it really creamy and mild and the invigorating scent comes from lime essential oil and coriander essential oil. The ingredients we use are organic – nothing strange is added.”

“My favorite soap bar so far, that I have ever tried. I like the design and look of it, it did not fall into pieces and goes a long way. I like how it is multi-use.”

“Fantastic soap! It cleanses very well and doesn’t dry out the skin. I also love the packaging and design.”

Awards Jury

Rimita Green – RimitaOats Hand & Body Soap, Lemongrass

The star product of the Finnish brand Rimita Green’s new oat-based series, RimitaOats was awarded the title of Best Liquid Soap. Rimita Green’s RimitaOats Hand & Body Soap is a product that gently cleanses and nourishes the skin, without drying it. 

“We want to change your idea of soap. RimitaOats will leave your skin feeling silky and soft. The soap’s key ingredients are Finnish oats and sea buckthorn and it has a unique scent from fresh and refreshing lemongrass essential oil.”

“This soap had a lovely scent, and had a nice, soft and light texture and cleansed really well, but without leaving my skin dry, which can often be a problem. Not in this case, a really great product!”

“I have sensitive skin that reacts to soaps. This is a perfect soap for handwash for people with sensitive skin or eczema. I wash my hands a lot now, because I have a newborn, but my hands are not dry at all. Really happy with this one!”

Awards Jury

Elm Organics – Hand Wash Cotton Flower

The Cotton Flower Hand Wash by Norwegian Elm Organics was awarded the title of Best 99% Natural Soap.

Elm Organics’ Cotton Flower Hand Wash is a luxurious and gel-like body soap. The soap cleanses without drying out the skin and fills your bathroom with an aroma of well-being. Some of the organic ingredients are meadowsweet, aloe vera, and olive. It is suitable for all skin types – including dry and sensitive skin. Not only is the soap good for your hands, but it’s biodegradable as well.

“Our Cotton Flower Hand Wash removes dirt and bacteria from the surface of the skin without drying out or disturbing the skin’s natural balance. Elm Organics has developed a unique hand soap that is 99% biodegraded within just 14 days – that is extraordinary. A simple change of soap can make a massive positive impact – small steps are not small when we are many.”

“Best hand wash I have ever had! The scent, the texture, and the way the hands feel after – wonderful! It felt so luxurious and as if my hands were thanking me afterward. So refreshing!”

“I really loved the scent of this hand wash. Hands felt clean after use in all the right ways. Simple and elegant design!”

Awards Jury


Go Cirkulär – Upcycled Coffee Body Scrub

Upcycled Coffee Body Scrub by the Swedish brand Go Cirkulär was awarded the title of Best Body Scrub. Formulated with shea butter, jojoba oil, vitamin E, and repurposed coffee grounds, Go Cirklulär’s Coffee Body Scrub is striving for a smooth and circular future.

“Our business model is inspired by the circular economy because we believe that the imminent present and future are circular. For us, this means extending the life of food products with bio-compounds that have beneficial properties for the skin. After finding the raw materials, we manufacture high-quality skincare products that are good for people’s health and the planet.”

“Loved this one! Such a good scrub for mornings as well because of the coffee scent. It kind of woke me up a bit (haha) but also did not irritate my skin at all.”

“Love love love!! Best body scrub I’ve ever had! The scent and roughness takes you to the nature. Leaving the body so smooth, and hydrated. I will forever use this.”

Awards Jury


Derma – Derma Eco Body Oil

Derma Eco Body Oil of the Danish Derma was awarded the title of Best Body Oil. It is a nourishing and softening body oil, formulated with organic jojoba, almond, and apricot kernel oil. The natural oils add moisture and vitamin E to the skin so that the skin retains its suppleness and elasticity and is left soft, supple, and well cared for.

“Our tip for use: Massage the oil into the skin after bathing while the skin is still slightly damp. Dab the skin with a towel and then apply the oil, which absorbs quickly.”

“Lovely effect on the skin, very informative and clean packaging – a great product overall!”

“I love this body oil. It was a joy using it every time I got out the shower till the last drop.”

Awards Jury


HejBuddy – Sugar Buddy Kit

The Sugar Buddy Kit – a home sugaring kit – by the Finnish brand HejBuddy was awarded the title of Best Home Sugaring. This natural, low-waste sugaring kit is perfect for easy sugaring at home. The idea was born during the pandemic and the ready-to-use mass is a great option for at-home hair removal. It doesn’t require kneading, water, or additives and the home sugaring package contains everything needed for the procedure. 

“With our Sugar Buddy sugaring paste, you can gently sugar all skin areas in the comfort of your own home.”

​​”It took a bit of time to get it right but once I got the hang of it, it was really good. It removes hair really well. Love it!”

“Amazing and easy to use. Will purchase this again!”

Awards Jury

Geisha Shaver – Geisha Shaving Gel

The Finnish brand Geisha Shaver’s Shaving Gel was awarded the title of Best Shaving Gel. Use it to achieve a smooth shave without scratching or irritating the skin. The Geisha Shaving Gel also helps to avoid red spots and ingrown hairs. Red hibiscus and dragon’s blood extract form a calming antimicrobial protective layer and support the skin’s recovery. The slick and silky gel is plentiful, which makes even a small amount enough to shave the entire body.

Our Geisha Shaving Gel creates a very smooth surface on the skin that helps the blade glide easily without scratching or irritating your delicate skin. The intoxicating scent surges from a desert flower, which has been highly requested due to the brand’s after-shave cream.”

“Super great product! Love the clean look, and lovely design. It leaves skin silky smooth and just works!”

“Shaving can be a little harsh on the skin, but I felt this product really cooled and made it more comfortable to shave.”

Awards Jury


Ljung of Lapland – Handcreme Vildvide

The Hand Cream Vildvide of the Swedish Ljung of Lapland was awarded the title of Best Hand Care Product. Made with love in Swedish Lapland, the Vildvide hand cream is richly moisturizing, with a fresh and lovely scent of mountain flowers and wild berries. It absorbs easily into the skin and provides caring protection and a soft feeling throughout the day. Formulated with organic coconut butter and shea butter, it provides nurturing protection throughout the day.

“Vildvide is suitable for all skin types and is also available unscented. It protects against weather and wind and retains moisture well. We advise applying this true moisture to hands after washing or as needed.

“One of my favorite products, I personally like thick creams with a lovely scent! Perfect for my dry hands!”

“I got a little addicted to this one. So good for my nails too.”

Awards Jury


Finnabis – Resin Balm

The resin balm of the Finnish brand Finnabis was awarded the title of Best Care Balm. Made with local organic ingredients, the resin balm works as an effective all-rounder, to support the treatment and healing process of a wide variety of skin damage and problems. The balm absorbs easily into the skin and leaves a pleasant scent.

Pure Lapland spruce resin is collected by local natural product entrepreneurs and used as the active raw material of our Resin Balm. The balm also contains cold-pressed hemp oil from locally grown hemp seeds, since hemp oil contains important fatty acids, valuable gamma-linolenic acid, and plenty of Vitamin E – all good for your skin. “

“Love this Resin Balm. It’s amazing and I have it with me everywhere. Absolutely love it!”

“Quick fix in a small can. Good for dry skin and comes in such a nice little box to carry with you.”

Awards Jury


Naturlig Deo – Deodorant Cream Grapefrukt

Deodorant Cream Grapefrukt by the Swedish Naturlig Deo was awarded the title of Best Deodorant. Deodorant cream is an organic deodorant, made from carefully selected ingredients and manufactured in Norsjö, a small village in northern Sweden. Produced with care and consideration for the user, animals, and the environment, the deodorant is vegan and unisex, hence suitable for all genders.

“Naturlig Deo eliminates the smell of sweat and naturally absorbs moisture. It’s free from aluminum, alcohol, unnecessary chemicals, and additives.”

“One of my favorites! Basically stops me from sweating at all.”

“Loved the fresh, grapefruit scent and overall, it’s a really great natural deodorant.”

Awards Jury

Overall, we can summarize that Nordic nature will get your body well-cleansed and hydrated, and ready for daily life – naturally. To dig even deeper, see all this year’s NOMINEES HERE >

Details of the products are written as the brands present them.

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