Nordic Natural Beauty Awards 2022 were organized on the awards’ Instagram account on Thursday, October 27th, 2022. The competition was tight in all of the categories, proving that all the nominees are just incredible.

We wanted to take a deeper look at the awarded cosmetics and why they specifically make a great addition to anyone’s beauty routine. To avoid the list becoming one heavy manual (even though we know it would be a good one!), we divided the awarded cosmetics into seven parts. This post is all about HAIRCARE AND GROOMING.

Whether it’s about cleansing or hydrating the hair, taking care of the scalp, styling the hair, or taking care of the facial hair and beard, these following award-winning products will have you covered, naturally.


Skargard – Solid Shampoo Sea Buckthorn

The Solid Shampoo with Sea Buckthorn of the Swedish brand Skargard was awarded the title of Best Shampoo. This solid shampoo is an effective yet gentle cleanser, leaving you feeling fresh as the sea breeze. As a part of Skargard’s archipelago series and infused with the scent of sea buckthorn, this organic shampoo is an ideal choice at the beach, the summer cottage, or why not on board the boat. 

“Our cosmetics are handmade, from organic ingredients and with inspiration from the Swedish boathouses and the Swedish archipelago.”

“This is a fantastic shampoo bar. It cleanses well and smells wonderful. I would love even a bigger one!”

“I liked especially the packaging with the extra luffa.”

Awards Jury


Luonkos – Refresh Uplifting Dry Shampoo

Refresh Uplifting Dry Shampoo of the Finnish brand Luonkos was awarded the title of Best Dry Shampoo. With its unique design, this sustainable multi-tasker also works as a hair powder, as well as a velvety fine dry shampoo. While effectively removing greasiness from the scalp, it also provides volume and hold. Containing organic ingredients, such as nettle, betaine, oat flour, and freshwater clay, it’s designed to strengthen hair, improve surface blood circulation, soothe the scalp and prevent hair loss.

“Refresh is a great example of a Luonkos product made according to circular economy principles. It contains, among other raw materials, Finnish birch bark powder, which has been saved from birch bark and other parts that go to waste from industrial side streams.”

“I really liked this product and the paper packaging too. The powder didn’t feel too sticky in the hair and the scent wasn’t too strong either.”

“A very lovely, natural dry shampoo that saved many evenings when washing hair was not an option.”

Awards Jury


Bruns – Hårmask Nº22 Varm Bergamott

The Hair Mask N 22 was awarded the title of Best Hair Mask. The amazingly scented mask is an excellent choice for the changing seasons and colder weather. To keep your hair, and especially the ends, from becoming dry nurture it with this deeply hydrating treat.

BRUNS Hårmask Nº22 provides all hair types with deep hydration and nourishment. Our mask is a big favourite with our customers – thanks to the facts it gives results that can be felt and seen. After use, your hair will be soft and shiny.”

“The best hair mask I’ve ever used. I’m sad that it’s almost run out. I am going to be buying this one. It made my hair feel so soft and balanced and smelt amazing! This is my winner!”

“One of my absolute favorites. LOVED the scent of bergamot. So lovely.”

Awards Jury


Frantsila – Nettle & Peat Scalp Treatment Oil

Nettle & Peat Scalp Treatment Oil of the Finnish brand Frantsila was awarded the title of Best Scalp Oil. This wonder-in-a-bottle revitalizes a dry, itchy, and flaky scalp while strengthening the health of the hair with nettle and rosemary, to increase blood circulation.

The effect of the treatment oil is based on soothing and antimicrobial herbal and peat extracts as well as essential oils. Scalp treatment oil is suitable for everyone to maintain the good condition of the scalp and hair, and it is especially helpful for treated hair and problematic scalp.”

“A wonderful foresty scent, what a good reason to give a head massage to oneself!”

“Pampers dry scalp, without tingling.”

Awards Jury


Four Reasons – Nature Styling Mousse

Nature Styling Mousse of the Finnish brand Four Reasons was awarded the title of Best Hair Styling. You can use this mousse to protect your hair from heat and humidity while creating a rough structure and lift to your hairdo.

The consistency of the styling mousse is airy and light, so it is easy to apply and spread on the hair. Your hair feels airy and your hands won’t get sticky! It contains organic sea buckthorn, apricot, and silver linden bud extract.”

“I loved this one. It wasn’t sticky at all and it held my hair styled the whole day.”

“A great mousse for wavy, fine hair texture. I love how it can be used both as a heat protector and a styling mousse. So I have used it every time after a shower both for blowouts and to maintain and give definition to my natural waves. The product can be built up without weighting down the hair.”

Awards Jury


Sweden Eco – Beard And Face Oil

Beard And Face Oil of the Swedish brand Sweden Eco was awarded the title of Best Beard Care. With ingredients like argan oil, chia, and watermelon seed, this oil is an exclusive and organic choice that softens both the beard and the face.

“The ingredients are selected just for making your beard shine and your skin glow. Concentrated, you can use only a few drops on moistened beard/skin at a time. This oil is also excellent as a massage oil for the face.“

“Absolutely love the scent. My girlfriend actually found it quite sexy haha. Also feels great on my skin and beard!”

“This product worked really well! Loved the feeling it left on the skin.”

Awards Jury

Overall, we can summarize that Nordic nature will get your hair and beard well-cleansed and hydrated, and ready for daily life – naturally. To dig even deeper, see all this year’s NOMINEES HERE >

Details of the products are written as the brands present them.

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