HAPPY 2023!
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The new year of 2023 has started sparkly here behind the scenes of the awards, with registration for this year’s Nordic Natural Beauty Awards in full swing! If you are here for the first time (and even if you are here for the 100th time), let us tell you a little bit about the awards, and especially, what’s new this year!


Nordic Natural Beauty Awards is the first-of-its-kind platform that organizes an online event yearly, to celebrate solely all-natural, Nordic cosmetics. To demonstrate the luxury that natural beauty really is for Nordics, the awards jury consists of 50 Nordic, internationally renowned stars coming from different fields – such as music, cinema, sports, and fashion.

The jury of the fourth edition (2023) will be revealed later in spring 2023, though to get an idea, you can check what the jury has looked like in the previous editions (2020-2022) HERE >


A combination of three main thoughts built the foundation for the awards in the summer of 2019 –  frustration towards the ongoing toxic cosmetics market, the massive growth of natural beauty brands in the Nordics, and the need world is expressing for magical, yet natural beauty products.

Since the very beginning, the purpose of the awards has been to showcase the best Nordic natural alternatives to our everyday cosmetics and to change the beauty industry for the better – better for us humans, and nature.

The first-ever Nordic Natural Beauty Awards were launched in March 2020 and the awards ceremony was celebrated in October 2020. The second and third editions followed with a similar schedule. As the previous editions’ cosmetics continue their success stories, we have opened the possibility for other amazing products to jump on board as well.


If you have followed the journey since the beginning, you have already witnessed a few changes within the awards. In this current climate of the fast-paced world, we think change is the only thing that remains the same. And so, we love to receive feedback, thoughts, and ideas, on how to develop the platform further to best serve the mission of making the beauty world more natural and make it all a reality.

What’s new this year? The Nordic Natural Beauty Awards will continue growing with the well-established concept. What’s new, is the European edition that we have just launched – European Natural Beauty Awards. These awards will be organized with a similar concept to the Nordic awards, the only difference being the geographical area of the participants. If you want to learn more about the European edition of the awards, you can get to know them better on the European Natural Beauty Awards website HERE >

European Natural Beauty Awards 2023


Registration for the Nordic Natural Beauty Awards 2023 is open now. The awards are open for all cosmetics, so any Nordic, 100% (or 99%) natural cosmetic product, regardless of the intended gender of the consumer, may apply to the challenge.

The ‘Early Bird’ registration will be open until the end of January 2023 and the registration as a whole until the end of April 2023. All the nominees of the fourth edition will be announced in June 2023.

If you are an owner or a representative of a Nordic brand producing 100% (or 99%) natural cosmetics, you can apply to the awards. Will YOUR products be celebrated with our partners, collaborators, and audience in 2023? Let’s find out!


Nordic Natural Beauty Awards 2023

Whether you are a brand owner, an industry expert, or just freshly gotten enthusiastic about the natural cosmetics scene, we want to welcome you onboard this groundbreaking journey! Let’s make this world more natural together!

PS. Join the conversation also on our Instagram channel HERE >

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