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Winter has finally arrived! Some are looking forward to the snowy season with excitement and wait for wintertime fun, such as skiing and ice skating, while others may enjoy the weather from afar with a good book and a hot beverage.

Snow might transform the greyest landscape into a magical winter wonderland, but the cold breeze and chilly air can really wreak havoc on our skin. This change of season can disrupt the balance in our skin and our moisture barrier, leading to dried-out skin and chapped lips. Luckily, the awards’ alumni ensemble has excellent options to protect the skin from harsh conditions, so remember to check out our Product Directory page for products! But first, here are a few tips on what you might want to include in your wintertime skincare routine.


Cleansing is a cornerstone in a skincare routine, but in winter it might be especially wise to bring out the gentle options. Many cleansing oils and balms will effectively cleanse the skin without stripping it of dearly needed moisture. If an oil-based cleansing product is not your thing, there are plenty of other gentle options to choose from. For example, cleansing milk is often loved as a lighter yet gentle cleanser.


While one could think that the lighter consistency of toners and mists would not be the best help for winter hydration, it is important to remember that we need water moisture in our skin more than even when the air gets dry. During the winter the air gets drier overall and heating worsens it even more. Hydrating toners and facial sprays are an extremely good way to nourish the skin with moisture. To lock it in – let’s continue to oils and balms next!


Oils work well year-round, but they can be a real saviour in wintertime. Oils are a simple way to lock in moisture in the skin. As multi-purpose as they are, oils work wonders on the face and body as well as in the hair. There are also specific options for areas that might be forgotten, such as the scalp, the back of the calves and the cuticles. If you haven’t given oils a try yet, now would definitely be a good time!

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Wintertime is an excellent time to finally give those multi-purpose care balms a try. The formula in care balms is often thicker compared to other products, which is why it can be used as a protective canvas over the most sensitive areas, such as lips, around the nose, and on the chins. Care balm can be used as a spot treatment for a specific area or apply it all over the face and body. One well-tested tip we would love to share is to apply thicker balm as a preventative measure when there is challenging weather ahead. Smaller jars as well as compact lip balms are practical to bring outdoors with you!


Winter might just be the “it” season for face masks. Instead of skipping this step, it might be a good idea to actually step it up a notch. For deeper hydration, masks can also be worn overnight or during the day. One tip we would love to share is to indulge your skin with a mask right after exposure to harsh weather, to calm it down. It is also the ultra-hydrating creams’ and treatments’ time to shine, do not be afraid to layer formulas to see how much hydration your skin actually needs at the moment.


Even though most parts of the body might be covered with layers upon layers of clothing, they surely need a little help as well. Areas that are exposed to a lot of friction under the clothes, such as the legs, can develop dryness and flakiness. This can be combated with gentle body soaps with hydrating properties and rich creams and oils to protect the surface of the skin. Exfoliation is a key factor in making sure that the creams and oils are effectively absorbed, but a gentle exfoliation formula is essential to avoid stripping the skin. 

Another tip for body care, in general, is to turn down the temperature of the water in the shower and bath. We get it, this might not sound like the cosiest of ideas for wintertime, but it is definitely gentler for the skin.


Some love to keep all body hair in its natural state, while some prefer to remove it for a variety of reasons. Hair keeps us warm, and so especially, when one is living in colder climates, body hair can be used as a warming winter trick. For those who love to do hair removal year-round, it is important to keep the removal method as gentle and as non-stripping as possible and remember caring hydration afterwards as well.


The hands might be covered by gloves or mittens most of the time during winter, but the back of those hands is especially prone to dryness. The nails and cuticles will be grateful for a little care as well. Favour rich hand creams and cuticle oils – and why not leave it on overnight as a nourishing treatment? 

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When daylight is scarce, rejuvenating ingredients, such as vitamin C, are great to boost both your mind and skin! Thinner serums may work well in the morning, especially when used under makeup, while thicker formulas are well suited for nighttime – to provide the needed healing care while asleep.

When it comes to the choice of a serum (or a choice of a cosmetic product of any kind for the categories mentioned above), it is important to pick the ones that are the most suitable for your skin specifically. Less the ingredients overall, the better – we would not want to disrupt the perfectly functional skin more than needed. When we apply only a few carefully selected supporting natural ingredients to our skin, the skin can focus on its main job better. This is an important point to remember especially now during the wintertime when the skin is already put to test by challenging weather conditions.

A good rule of thumb is to test new products (and especially serums with active ingredients) always with caution and one by one so that you can make sure what is the effect of each product on your skin, and can this way choose the best possible products for you.


Wintertime might seem like a tempting time to ditch sunscreen, but since snow crystals reflect sunlight, it is a good idea to be mindful of the amount of sun you are receiving on your skin also during the winter, especially when going towards spring. A hydrating sunscreen can also work in your skin’s favour, by giving an extra boost of hydration. It is absolutely amazing to see that there starts to be quite a selection of natural alternatives to these types of products as well, and we are really excited to include more of them also in the 2023 awards!

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We sincerely hope that you enjoy this season as much as we do and that these tips help protect and balance your skin. The alumni of the all-time awards’ participants starts to be quite an amazing ensemble, so do keep our Product Directory page in mind, whenever you are in need of a natural boost on your skin or hair!

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