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The spring has given us its first glimpses! Spring is a season of renewal, a time when nature awakens from its winter slumber and bursts forth with new life. However, the arrival of spring is not sudden, but rather a slow process that unfolds little by little, as we have seen in these past few weeks.

As the days lengthen and temperatures begin to warm up, the first signs of spring become apparent. The snow melts, and the ground thaws, allowing the soil to absorb the moisture needed for plants to grow. Slowly but surely, buds begin to appear on the trees, and the first signs of green begin to sprout from the ground. As the days continue to get longer, the amount of daylight triggers the growth and development of plants, as they prepare for the upcoming growing season.

Very much alike, so is awakening the awards season of 2023. The registration of the Nordic natural cosmetics has been in full swing for quite a while now, and let us tell you – we got some incredible participants this year!

Nature awakens little by little in a gradual process. Each day brings something new and exciting, as we witness the transformation around us. The process of creating the yearly awards platform is also similarly gradual – every day brings us new product discoveries, inspiring meetings, and exciting ideas.

spring colours awakening nature natural beauty

The nominees of the Nordic Natural Beauty Awards 2023 will soon be revealed. We know how many of you cannot wait to start learning more about these masterpieces, though similarly to the nature, we just keep growing before the full bloom. The Late Bird registration for this year’s awards is open until May 31, 2023, so if you are (or know) an owner or a representative of a Nordic brand, now is the time to register your brand and jump on board this exciting challenge.

We are thrilled to see what all we can still find in the Nordic natural cosmetics sphere, to bloom greater than ever! Let your products bloom with us and register your brand and products simply by filling the brief application form here >

Welcome to this exciting awards year of 2023 – discovering new Nordic natural cosmetics with us!

PS. You can already get to know the incredible Early Bird cosmetics on the Product Directory Page >

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