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In the awards autumn series of blog posts, we get to know the brands behind the nominee products of the Nordic Natural Beauty Awards 2023. In this post, we are proud to share more about the Finnish cosmetics brand NOBE Nordic Beauty, as told by the brand:

“Behind every great brand is a great woman, and that is also the case with NOBE. Johanna Rönkkö, founder and CEO of Nordic Beauty Inc, had been importing the most innovative cosmetics brands in their categories from all over the world to the Nordics for almost ten years until she decided that it would be her turn to return the favour – create the best cosmetics that the Nordics have to offer and share it with the world.

Us Nordic people have always been drawn to the forest, believing in the healing power of nature. Many of us also live a busy, modern lifestyle that leaves little time being outdoors and enjoying nature as much as we would like. Therefore, it was clear from the beginning to Johanna that it would be a natural cosmetics brand with ingredients from our unique Nordic nature. NOBE brings a piece of Nordic nature into your beauty routine.

NOBE stands for NOrdic BEauty. NOBE’s mission is to bring the unique and effective ingredients of Nordic nature into people’s skincare and lifestyle all over the world. 

We at NOBE want to make Nordic beauty, or N-beauty, the same kind of phenomenon known worldwide as K-beauty. That’s why we don’t see other Nordic natural cosmetics brands as competition, we see them as partners to lift each other up and create a path to collective success.

We made sure that the ingredients selected for NOBE’s products are high quality, vegan and respect the natural balance of the skin’s microbiome and barrier. NOBE’s formulas are relatively simple but effective and user-friendly. Cooperation with other Nordic companies was also important to us.

NOBE’s product lines are all created around Finnish innovations. Nominated in the Nordic Natural Beauty Awards, Forest Elixir lines features Re-Connecting Nature forest microbial extract from Uute Scientific – a relatively new ingredient in the beauty scene scientifically proven to balance the skin’s microbiome, strengthen the skin barrier and reduce irritation, whereas Oat Wonder stars nourishing and calming oat oil produced by Fazer Foodtech.

All NOBE’s four award-nominated natural cosmetics are made in an eco certified factory in Loviisa, Finland.

NOBE is a modern, exclusive brand for all genders, ages and nationalities; busy people; those who love to pamper themselves; those who live in the city; those who live in the countryside; those who have never used natural cosmetics; those who cherish it. But if there’s one group we identify with the most, it’s urban people who want to take care of their skin while respecting both their skin barrier and nature.


Forest Elixir® is NOBE’s pioneering microbiome-focused skincare line infused with the innovative Re-Connecting Nature® forest microbial extract produced by Uute Scientific; the world’s first natural ingredient to replicate the rich diversity of hundreds of species found in Finnish nature. Made from renewable and sustainable raw materials, it has been scientifically proven to restore the skin’s natural microbiome balance, fortify the skin’s protective barrier and boost skin regeneration. Forest microbial extract also reduces redness and irritation and can even increase collagen levels.

NOBE Forest Drops® Microbiome Booster are concentrated drops containing forest microbial extract that are designed to be mixed with other skincare products. Due to the high concentration of the active ingredient, the color of the drops is almost black. However, they blend in completely when combined with a moisturizer, serum, body lotion etc. That’s the beauty of this product – you can pair it with any skincare product that you already have and get the benefits of forest microbial extract.  

NOBE Forest Elixir® Microbiome Enriching Gel Moisturizer is a lightweight gel cream containing forest microbial extract, squalene and sodium PCA to support the skin’s barrier function, hydrate and soften the skin. It’s a unisex product suitable for all skin types, but normal to combination skin will enjoy it the most used on its own. It can also be mixed with a face oil to enhance the nourishing effect for dry skin. 

NOBE Forest Elixir® Microbiome Strengthening Body Lotion is a moisturizing body lotion that supports the skin’s microbiome and contains nourishing shea butter alongside the innovative forest microbial extract. It has a rich, yet non-greasy texture that quickly blends into the skin leaving it soft and velvety smooth.

All three Forest Elixir® products above have been certified COSMOS Natural by Ecocert, and Forest Drops® is in collaboration with the Allergy, Skin and Asthma Federation. The products have a fresh, slightly forest-like scent, except for Forest Drops®, which are fragrance-free.


NOBE Oat Wonder® Nourishing Face Oil is a pampering, nourishing facial oil that contains organic oat oil, squalene and antioxidant-rich grape seed oil to soften and care for the skin. The main ingredient, Fazer oat oil, is rich in skin-loving nutrients like fatty acids and vitamin E, so it nourishes, protects the skin from free radicals and fortifies its barrier function. Oat oil also has a strong soothing, irritation-reducing effect and it prevents moisture from evaporating from the skin, making it optimal for sensitive and dry skin. The lightweight, non-comedogenic formula absorbs quickly, leaving the skin with a beautiful, natural glow. The scent is lovely: mild and slightly vanilla-like.

Oat Wonder® Nourishing Face Oil 30ml 6430058512424_6

We donate a portion of every NOBE product sold to Helsinki Foundation, a global initiative and non-profit organization, who conserve land and forests by buying it and leaving it at its natural state to preserve nature for future generations.

These are exciting times: we have just launched NOBE, we are seeing how it has taken off and at the same time we have already started the process of designing new products. At the moment, NOBE is available only in Finland, but soon we will start selling it to other Nordic and European countries as well. Stay tuned!”

Get to know NOBE even better on the brand’s website at and follow the brand’s journey on NOBE’s Instagram account >

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