As we are getting ready for the Nordic Natural Beauty Awards 2023, what better time to get to know all the nominated cosmetics of the year?

To avoid the presentation of the nominees becoming one heavy manual (even though we know it would be a good one!), we divided the nominee cosmetics into four parts. In this second part of our nominee blog series, you can familiarize yourself with 16 incredible nominees.

If you want to learn even more about a certain nominee product or the brand behind the craftmanship, click the link mentioned after the description. We welcome you all to celebrate Nordic Natural Beauty with us!

Details of the products are written as the brands present them.


ALONIA ECO HAIR THERAPY – 1. Shampoo for everyday use

“Alonia Eco Hair Therapy’s 1. Shampoo for Everyday Use is perfect for all hair types, no matter if your hair is processed or not. It is suitable for the whole family, including children.

Bamboo in the shampoo gives strength to your hair and together with rice protein, they also provide heat resistance for blow dry.

All the Alonia hair care products are unscented, but you can add a few drops of our aromatherapeutic ethereal oil blends to the shampoo if you wish.

“With our products, you can wash your hair without worries on the deck of a boat or summer cottages and saunas. To help protect the waters around us, we donate to the John Nurminen Foundation from each sale.”

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FRANTSILA HERBFARM – Revitalizing Foot Cream

“Frantsila Herbfarm’s Revitalizing Foot Cream is a deeply nourishing and revitalising cream for tired feet. It moisturises, improves circulation, and relieves swelling.

Apply on the legs and feet in the morning and at night, especially on areas affected by varicose veins.”

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AIE COSMETICS – 018 Emulsion, Face, Clean, Ultimate

“The soft, full-bodied aie 018 Ultimate Clean Emulsion does not only clean skin but cares for it as well, making it its’ BFF.”

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SUMILAYI – My Beautiful Zen Curls Conditioner

“My Beautiful Zen Curls Conditioner is a nurturing and gentle fragrance-free conditioner for all hair types. It improves the moisture balance and brings shine and softness to your hair. It makes your hair more manageable and prevents split ends.

Cucumber extract is rich in nutrients, containing amino acids, fatty acids that refresh your hair. Burdock extract moisturizes the hair. Malva extract contains plenty of nutrients that support hair well-being. It binds moisture to your hair and protects it from environmental pollution and UV radiation. Betaine moisturizes and reduces static electricity and makes hair easy to comb, soft, and shiny.”

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NOBE – Forest Elixir® Microbiome Strengthening Body Lotion

“NOBE Forest Elixir® Microbiome Strengthening Body Lotion is a deeply moisturizing body lotion containing innovative Re-Connecting Nature® forest microbial extract to support the well-being of the skin’s microbiome. Developed and patented by the Finnish company Uute Scientific, forest microbial extract is the world’s first natural ingredient equivalent to the diverse and rich biodiversity of the forest.

Made from renewable sources, it has been scientifically proven to restore the skin’s natural microbiome balance, strengthen the skin’s protective barrier and enhance skin regeneration. Forest microbial extract has also been shown to reduce redness and irritation and increase the production of anti-ageing collagen. All of this results in healthy, balanced and radiant skin.

Microbiome Strengthening Body Lotion has a rich, yet non-greasy and easily absorbed texture that leaves the skin soft and velvety smooth. The body lotion also contains nourishing shea butter and has a fresh, slightly forest-like scent.

Microbiome Strengthening Body Lotion is suitable for all skin types, especially for people living in cities who don’t get enough exposure to nature in their busy daily lives. This product is certified COSMOS Natural by Ecocert and 99,34% of its ingredients are of natural origin.”

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OLE HYVÄ – Forest Bark Hand Wash

“Ole Hyvä’s hand wash comes with a scent of pine forest containing etheric essences of tea tree and spearmint.

“Forests are the cradle of our wellbeing. Our products contain SpruceSugar™ extract, a by-product of Finnish forest industry and probiotics that maintain a healthy bacterial balance.”

The product doesn’t contain additives. To use, apply hand wash to moist hands and rinse. pH ca. 5,5.”

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TAIKA – Brightening Face Scrub

“TAIKA Brightening Face Scrub brightens the skin, leaving it soft. The caring composition contains moisturizing xylitol and glycerol, soothing birch sap, caring plant oils, and shea butter.

The soft composition is gentle on the skin yet still effective. Unscented. Ecocert Cosmos Natural certified, vegan, and carbon neutral. Made in Finland.”

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SKINCARE CRAFTERS – Hydrate & Glow Dry Body Oil – Aloe Vera + Hemp

“This dry body oil supplies instant hydration and glow. It’s made from a soothing organic blend of aloe vera and hempseed and olive oils, and vitamin E.

Together, they provide light moisture and fast relief from irritation and dryness while supporting skin recovery. The fast absorbing and easy to apply formula locks in moisture and replenishes the skin with fatty acids and nutrients.

Your skin will be left feeling nourished and silky-soft. The oil has a calming natural fragrance of lavender.”

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VOJAL – Anti-Age Moisturising Creme

“Vojal’s Anti-age Moisturizing Creme protects your skin naturally and prevents early signs of aging. The cream is vegan, additive-free, anhydrous and made entirely from natural ingredients.

The cream contains nutrient-rich wild herbs collected from Finnish Lapland during the nightless night. Nettle, horsetail and bergenia provide aging skin with the antioxidants, trace elements and vitamins it needs. Rosehip, sea buckthorn and tamanu oil deeply moisturize the skin and activate skin cell renewal.

The soft texture gives the face a pleasant soft feeling. Suitable for all skin types, including sensitive and atopic. The result is a more youthful and stronger skin.”

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LAUGAR OF SWEDEN – Älvdans Organic Bath Soap

“Älvdans Organic Bath Soap is a unisex, well-foaming soap with a luxurious blend of essential oils where lemongrass plays the forefront. Enriched with luxurious shea butter and calendula which the producer grows organically herself.

This soap is perfectly suitable for both shower, sink and bath in salty seas and sweet lakes. Älvdans comes with a lemongrass scent.”

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VUOHELMA – Raspberry & Goat Milk Facial Soap

“This handmade, gentle, soap-free cleansing bar is best suited for dry, normal and sensitive skin. It creates a creamy lather which gently cleanses your skin while preserving its natural moisture barrier and pH balance.

It cleans away everyday impurities and a light makeup, without stripping the skin of essential moisture.

In addition to goat milk, this cleansing bar contains a gentle surfactant derived from coconut oil, mango butter, raspberry seed oil, kaolin clay and raspberry powder, which also gives the bar its light and natural scent of raspberry.”

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ENGLEGÅRD – 100% Natural Cream Deodorant

“Englegård’s Cream Deodorant is a natural, mild and effective cream-to-powder deodorant without aluminium and other harmful substances, and is suitable for all genders.

To use, apply it as a cream or paste. It melts into the skin and turns to powder after a short time. The cream deodorant keeps you dry and fresh, while the skin is cared for and becomes deliciously soft.

The deodorant has a mild, fresh and pleasant scent of coconut, orange and lavender. The scent is not noticeable on the body, it disappears after some time and will not compete with your own perfume. All ingredients are carefully selected and have an important function.”

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AAMUISA – Sea Buckthorn Shampoo Bar

“Aamuisa’s Sea Buckthorn solid shampoo contains abundant nourishing ingredients such as silk and argan oil. It also includes sea buckthorn oil, which is highly beneficial for maintaining a healthy scalp.

Sea buckthorn oil contains anti-inflammatory components like beta-carotene and vitamin E, which can reduce scalp inflammation and irritation. It is rich in omega fatty acids that nourish the hair and scalp. Sea buckthorn oil promotes also hair growth and imparts shine to the hair.

The silk protein present in the shampoo bar helps strengthen the hair and gives it a silky smoothness. Silk acts as a natural moisturizer, preventing hair from drying out and providing more shine and strength. Silk forms a protective layer on the hair, helping to reduce hair damage.

Argan oil, on the other hand, nourishes and moisturizes the hair, making it more manageable and healthy-looking. Argan oil prevents split ends, conditions the scalp, and helps prevent dandruff formation. The shampoo bar does not leave the hair feeling sticky as it does not contain soap.

Aamuisa’s solid shampoo has a refreshing citrus scent, and it is suitable for dry and brittle hair that needs extra shine and moisture. It is highly concentrated, with one bar equivalent to 2-3 liquid shampoos. The packaging is made of recyclable cardboard, and it is easy to store and convenient to carry while traveling.”

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BOREACUS – Spruce Resin Salve 20%

“Boreacus Resin Salve 20% treats wounds and other skin damage, chapped lips, burns, mosquito bites, very dry skin (e.g. cracked heels), acne, and nail fungus.

It works also great as an antibacterial agent, as resin reduces inflammation.”

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ELOU – Healing Hemp Shampoo Bar

“Our mild, sulfate-free and pH-balanced shampoo bar Healing Hemp is suitable for all hair types, but is especially great for those with a sensitive scalp, dandruff or hair loss.

Organic hemp seed oil is packed with vitamins and essential fatty acids, which have a strengthening, balancing and soothing effect on both hair and scalp.

The special bark extract from the Joazeiro tree is, together with burdock root, rich in vitamins and properties that reduce dandruff, balance sebum production and relieve itchy and irritated scalp.

Rasul clay is particularly suitable for sensitive scalps and leaves the hair shiny, nourished and cleansed.

Together with other hair-loving ingredients such as organic jojoba oil and squalane, the shampoo bar leaves the hair soft, soothed and strengthened.”

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VOJAL – Charming All-round Creme For Men

“All-round Creme for Men is a cream with very charming and sensual smell for men. The cream is additive-free, anhydrous and made entirely from natural ingredients.

The cream contains nutrient-rich wild herbs collected from Finnish Lapland during the nightless night. Nettle, fireweed and common yarrow provide your skin and beard with the antioxidants, trace elements and vitamins them needs.

Rosehip, sea buckthorn and tamanu oil deeply moisturize the skin and activate skin cell renewal.”

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What an ensemble of Nordic natural cosmetics! Read more about the nominated cosmetics in the other blog posts >

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