Awarded cosmetics – part 1
awarded nordic natural cosmetics 2023

Nordic Natural Beauty Awards 2023 were organized on the awards’ Instagram account on Thursday, October 26, 2023. The competition was tight in all of the categories, proving that all the nominees are just incredible.

We wanted to take a deeper look at the awarded cosmetics and why they specifically make a great addition to anyone’s beauty routine. To avoid the list becoming one heavy manual (even though we know it would be a good one!), we divided the awarded cosmetics into six parts. Let’s get to it!

(To learn more about a specific product, click the title text of the product!)

AIVA Sun The SPF 20

“The high-quality AIVA Borealis Beauty Sun Blend mixture of natural and organic ingredients together with mineral filters has been researched to protect against both UVA and UVB rays.

Thanks to the comprehensive power of the ingredients the product contains, the composition helps to prevent the skin from drying out in the sun.

“Our premium mix of e.g. sea buckthorn extract, rich in antioxidants, protects the skin from the degenerative effects of UV light, and vitamins C and E help to keep the skin in good condition when exposed to UV rays.”

Heard from the jury:

“I love how it doesn’t feel like traditional sunscreen. Definitely a must-have in my skincare routine.”
“Loved the scent of this one! It’s not overpowering, just a subtle, pleasant aroma that adds to the bright design.”
“Instant favorite. Really nice sun protection without making your skin feel sticky.”


NOBE – Oat Wonder Nourishing Face Oil

“NOBE Oat Wonder® Nourishing Face Oil is a skin-loving, nourishing face oil powered by the northern superfood oat in the form of organic Fazer Oat Oil.

Made from high-quality oats using a CO2 extraction process, oat oil is rich in fatty acids, vitamin E and ceramides, which nourish, protect the skin from free radicals and strengthen the skin barrier.

Oat oil also has an effective soothing effect that reduces irritation, and it prevents moisture from evaporating from the skin, making it great for those with sensitive and dry skin.

In addition to oat oil, the face oil contains squalane and antioxidant-rich grape seed oil to soften and nurture the skin. The lightweight and non-comedogenic formula absorbs quickly into the skin, leaving it with a beautiful, natural glow.

The mild, slightly vanilla-like scent of the face oil completes the pampering experience. Suitable for all skin types, especially dry and irritated skin. 99.8% of the ingredients are of natural origin.”

Heard from the jury:

I loooooove the packaging it has a luxury feel to it!”
“Such a cute bottle and a nice scented face oil that did what it was claiming to do!”
“I love the packaging and this product is amazing! Thank you!”

Oat Wonder® Nourishing Face Oil 30ml 6430058512424_6

Pura Nordica – Spruce Sprout & Humus Balancing Clay Mask

“Pura Nordica’s Spruce Sprout & Humus Balancing Clay Mask offers exposure to nature in your home.

It is a clay mask that effectively cleanses the facial skin and scalp, and it contains Finnish, skin-soothing spruce sprout as well as Re-Connecting Nature® microbial extract.

The microbial extract has been researched to have several skin-care effects, and it balances the skin’s microbiome.

To use, mix the powder with water according to the instructions on the packaging.”

Heard from the jury:

Skin feels super purified!”
“I used it on the day of a big party, and I loved the way it made my skin feel. Really easy to use and has great effect!”
“I really like this product! Love that I can travel with it easily (in my carry-on) and mix it before I use it!”

Rimita Green – RimitaDeo Original

“RimitaDeo is that deodorant that really works and concludes your search for a good organic deodorant.

It is a completely natural, aluminium-free and soda-free deodorant that effectively protects against sweat odour and keeps you fresh all day long.

Natrue certified RimitaDeo is an vegan option which doesn’t stain clothes. RimitaDeo is a unisex deodorant, suitable also as a first deodorant for adolecents.”

Heard from the jury:

So fresh and lasts for so long! This one I will continue using, the scent is amazing. So many people asked what I was using when wearing this one.”
“Great natural deodorant! It stood up to the test, even in hot weather.”
“This natural deodorant worked wonders for me! It kept me fresh all day without any irritation. 5/5 stars!”


The Skin Agent – Move Anti Chafe Balm

“The Skin Agent’s Move is a protective balm that prevents chafing of the inner thighs. It prevents soreness and irritation caused by high friction from skin rubbing on skin.

The silky finish leaves a powerful protective layer that both reduces friction and counteracts redness.

Move Anti Chafe Balm consists of a unique combination of fatty acids that work in the upper layers of the skin.

Instant protection. Non greasy. Sweat-resistant. Dermatologically tested. Fragrance-free.”

Heard from the jury:

Such a cool concept for reducing friction!”
“I can wear shorts again!!”
“This product worked really well on a long bike ride in the groin. Also easy to take with you!”

What an ensemble of Nordic natural cosmetics! Read more about the awarded cosmetics in the other blog posts >

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