“Elias Lönnrot, a Finnish physician, philologist, and collector of traditional Finnish oral poetry, did an enormous job on his journeys around northern Finland to collect and preserve the traditional folklore. He visited rune singers and wrote down their songs. These folk tales gave rise to Kalevala, the national epic of Finland. Elias Lönnrot has, however, also established another important heritage; the knowledge of the healing power of Finnish nature and nature’s own herbs.

HAVUKA artisan natural cosmetics follows and continues the paths of Elias Lönnrot and brings the 19th-century creams that have been made according to Elias’ recipes to modern times. We use genuine natural ingredients and make our products by hand, just to offer the best for your skin.

Our family has been following the paths of Elias for three generations. At first Elias’ expertise was transmitted from father to daughter in everyday situations and through the farm chores. The daughter did her lifelong work to preserve Elias’ heritage and developed Havuka’s natural cosmetics based on Elias’ recipes. Over the years, in nursing, the daughter was able to prove the effectiveness of the balms. Now the son continues on the very same path, preserving the legacy of Elias Lönnrot. In this way, also you can invite part of the unique Finnish nature to visit you, a piece of Elias Lönnrot’s journey, the precious gold of Nordic nature!”


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