The founder of Gaarna, Sini Kervinen, told us how it all got started:

“I’ve always been interested in pure and natural alternatives to replace artificial and industrial products. Already as a child, my favorite game was to play chemist and a merchant. I made endlessly different mixtures of bath water and available shower products while sitting in a warm bath. I then sold these products to family members for play money, torn from paper.

The birth of my first child, almost 10 years ago, made me especially interested in the ingredients in detergents. When a friend told me she had been making her own laundry detergent, I really wanted to try this detergent. I got fresh and clean laundry with the detergent, that was so much better alternative to nature than the detergents I had used before!

I wanted to make this kind of detergent myself too. However, I did not want to use industrially made, imported soaps. If one were to do it herself, then it would be done properly from the beginning. I found out and started making both laundry soap and shampoo pieces myself. However, olive oil-based soap preparations did not clean the laundry nor the hair, but I knew I was onto something important.

I did experiments over and over again with different recipes and different ingredients. On a few occasions I already gave up, but then tried again until I finally found perfectly cleansing vegetable oil-based recipes. It felt amazing to realize I had created the way to wash laundry, body, and hair safely without chemicals and environmental impact.”


Gaarna is a Finnish company producing high-quality detergents and shower products that started operations in late 2018. All products are vegan, ecological, and cruelty-free.


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