BEHIND THE SCENES with Loelle Organic Beauty

Unlike conventional beauty products, all Loelle’s products are carefully handmade, 100% organic and natural, and usually contain just one pure ingredient. But perhaps most importantly, the company provides better welfare for women by working directly with women’s cooperatives in Morocco and around the world. Loelle has won multiple awards for its products and it all started with an idea from the founder’s mum.

“My Nordic mother has always used organic and natural products and when she met my Moroccan father, she fell in love not only with him but also the ancient Moroccan beauty traditions. When she suggested that I should make more people aware of the benefits of these natural products, I didn’t hesitate for a second and started looking for suppliers of premium ingredients,” says Dominique Samir Guellouchi, the founder of Loelle.

From the start, it was important for Guellouchi that the products would be kind to both the environment and the people producing it. He visited many women’s cooperatives in Morocco and quickly found that many where actually run by men and that the women were just a facade. The search for a genuine and real women’s cooperative took longer than he expected but after a lot of effort, he finally found the right one.

“My heart always guides me when it comes to suppliers and products. This cooperative was different, the women where empowered and they were the ones calling the shots. Most importantly they had been able to start a school for their children thanks to the cooperative,” Guellouchi says.

This cooperative provides many of the premium quality ingredients that Loelle uses in its award-winning products: “We provide our customers with products that are beneficial for them, the environment, and the people producing them.”


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