Bente Gätzschmann, the founder of Way of Living and OilBar, told us how it all came together:

“When I launched my own organic cosmetics brand Way of Living in 2010, it was really early to offer organic products in Norway. Not many were familiar with parabens and what kind of ingredients you can find in the products you use on your body. In fact, Way of Living was the first Norwegian brand that was certified by Ecocert.

Norway has been far behind other European countries when we talk about organic cosmetics, chemicals, and ingredients disturbing hormones. I used to spend a lot of time travelling around Norway in those days, to inform people about the benefits of using organic cosmetics.

I closed my own brand in 2018 and continued with what I believe is the most important cosmetic line we can use in the Nordic countries; oils and serums. Oils bring the summer on the skin throughout the year which we Nordics miss most of the year. Since we started with oils, fatty acids, and serums, we have seen a lot of positive changes in our customers’ skin.

Whether it’s the morning or evening, start your skincare routine with a low molecule serum, apply oil with fatty acids for your skin type, and lastly, protect it with a cream or a sunscreen. This way, you will have rich and smooth skin.

“If you can’t eat it, don’t put it on your skin!” We use these words on the wall in our store, and also when speaking with customers. It tells everything.

Today, I am happy to work with committed employees and we work a lot to reach new customers. We are happy and grateful to be nominated for Nordic Natural Beauty Awards and waiting for the results in excitement!

Best regards,
Bente Gätzschmann

PS. In the picture, you can find Saba and me, and in the background our OilBar which will be a shop-in-shop solution.”


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