In the awards autumn series of blog posts, we get to know the brands and people behind the nominee products of the Nordic Natural Beauty Awards 2022. In this post, we are proud to share more about the Finnish natural cosmetics brand Havuka, as told by the founder of the brand, Timo Tynys.

“A pioneer in natural science, a physician, and a collector of Finnish folk tales, Elias Lönnrot did a remarkable piece of work to preserve the traditional folklore of Finland in the 19th century. On his journeys, he visited Karelian folk singers and collected their poetry. These poems formed Kalevala, the national epic of Finland. However, an important part of Elias Lönnrot’s legacy goes beyond literature – his knowledge of the healing power of Finnish nature and nature’s own remedies.

Havuka artisan natural cosmetics treasures Elias Lönnrot’s recipes and brings his natural products to the present day. Our family has followed Elias’ paths for three generations. At first Lönnrot’s expertise was transmitted from father to daughter in everyday situations and through farm chores. The daughter did lifelong work to preserve Elias’ heritage and developed Havuka’s natural cosmetics. Over the years, working as a nurse, the daughter acquired proof of the products’ effectiveness for humans and animals.

Now I, the son of the mentioned daughter, continue on the very same path, preserving the legacy of Elias Lönnrot. With Havuka natural cosmetics you can invite a part of Finland’s unique nature to visit you, a piece of Elias Lönnrot’s journey, the precious gold of Nordic nature.

We are extremely proud to have our Spruce Resin Balm 30% nominated in the Nordic Natural Beauty Awards 2022. It has especially many benefits for our furry friends. The balm can help in the natural healing process of wounds and it is a great treatment for dry paws as well as the paws suffered from walking on asphalt. It can calm down inflammations, such as inflammation of the anal gland, and provide needed relief for tick bites and insect bites and stings. It can also be helpful for calluses and many other skin problems.

I welcome you all to join the journey of Havuka!”

Timo Tynys,
The founder of Havuka

Get to know Havuka even better on the brand’s website at kuusenpihkavoide.fi and follow the brand’s journey on Havuka’s Instagram account >

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